Around the Year in 52 Books

Hi guys!! So this is my first post. I decided that I was going to jump right into things and write about the book challenge I am doing for 2016. I will write an about me in a couple of posts. Anyway last year I did a reading challenge with the same group and I only read 32 of those books. This year I am stepping it up. I made sure I got a lot more organized with everything. It’s funny when I first started the challenge I ended up doing it completely wrong. I for some reason thought you had to read a book title from each letter of the alphabet. Not sure how that even happened. Thankfully the books I had read ended up fitting into the challenge perfectly. I also ended up making a list of everything I plan on reading. I thought it be fun to share that list with you guys!

1 Eleanor & Park
1. A book you meant to read in 2015, but didn’t
2 The Last Little Blue Envelope
2. A book set in a different continent
3 Luckiest Girl Alive
3. A book from the Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 (winner or nominated)
4 John Dies at the End
4. A book by an author you discovered in 2015
5 Red Dragon
5. A book with a title beginning with the 1st letter of your name
6 The Martian
6. The highest rated on your TBR
7 Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
7. A book about books
8 Lord of the Flies
8. A classic book with less than 200 pages
9 The Catcher and the Rye
9. A book that was mentioned in another book
10 The Goldfinch
10. A book by an author you feel you should have read by now
11 Flowers for Algeron
11. A book from the Rory Gilmore challenge
12 Charlotte's Web
12. A childhood classic
13 Me Before You
13. Reader’s Choice
14 This is Where I Leave You
14. A book with one of the five W’s -or H in the title (Who/What/Where/When/Why/How)
15 A Tale of Two Cities
15. A book set in the past (more than 100 years ago)
16 Murder on the Orient Express
16. A book from the top 100 mystery novels
17 Mr. Mercedes
17. A book with a beautiful cover
18 Bridget Jone's Diary
18. A book on a summer/beach reading list
19 The Devil in the White City
19. A non-fiction book
20 Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
20. A book with a first name in the title
21 Lush
21. A book from the Goodreads Recommendations page
22 The Fame Game
22. The first book in a new to you series
23 The Silence of the Lambs
23. The next book in a series you are reading
24 Four A Divergent Story Collection
24. A “between the numbers” book of a series (0.5, 1,5, 2.5, etc.)
25 Veronica Mars The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
25. A book whose main character is in a profession that interests you
26 Red Queen
26. A book everyone is talking about
27 The Truth About Forever
27. A book with a beautiful title (in your own opinion)
28 Bossypants
28. A biography, autobiography, or memoir
29 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
29. A book by an author who writes under more than one name
30 The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
30. A fairytale from a culture other than your own
31. A work of young adult fiction
32 The Cider House Rules
32. A historical fiction book
33 The Notebook
33. The 16th book on your TBR
34 Sybil
34. A book about mental illness
35 All the Lght We Cannot See
35. An award winning book
36 I am Malala
36. An identity book – a book about a different culture, religion or sexual orientation
37 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
37. A book that you’ve seen the movie of but haven’t read
38 The Shining
38. A book about an anti hero
39 Let Me Off at the Top
39. A previous suggestion that did not make it into the list
40 Princess Lessons
40. A novella from your favorite genre
41 The Book Thief
41. A book about a major world event (fiction or non-fiction)
42 Stranger in a Strange Land
42. A top 100 fantasy novel
43 Hannibal
43. A book about a thing that goes bump in the night
44 Flowers in the Attic
44. A book you’re embarrassed to read in public
45 Marley and Me
45. A book related to a hobby or passion you have
46 The Silent Wife
46. A crime story
47 A Raisin in the Sun
47. A book with a type of food/drink in the title
48 Uglies
48. A dystopia
49 Every Day
49. A book with a great opening line
50 The Diary of a Young Girl
50. A book originally written in a language other than English
51 Proposal
51. A short story from a well-known author
52 Perfect Days
52. A book published in 2016

So far I have read 16 out of 52 books of these books.


Just a little about this list before I go. I tried really hard to pick books I already had and have been meaning to read. I also tried to pick books I would not normally or have kinda been pushing off reading. So far I have enjoyed all the books I read. There are some of this list I am super excited to get started on. I hope you enjoyed this list! Comment below with some of your picks or see we’re reading some of the same books. I also love seeing what other people’s takes on the books I’m reading are so please don’t be shy.


2 thoughts on “Around the Year in 52 Books

  1. I wish I read all these books already, these are actually books for me to read this year. I’m dying to read a bunch of them. I have read a few and really liked the Bridget Jones books, the hannibal series books and the last little blue envelope. Any of them you suggest I read next?


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