Sorry I’ve been so m.i.a.

Hey guys I’m so sorry I haven’t been on in over a week. I recently got into playing plants vs zombies: garden warfare 2. I was going to post today a book tag I got tagged in but midday my power went out so I will have that within a day or so. I did wanna update you guys on somethings. I recently made an Instagram for my obsession so feel free to follow that. (will link below) I also just bought more books from book outlet and signed up for my first ever owl crate. I told myself no to buying more books but they had some books I really wanted really cheap only for the week so I couldn’t pass that up. After that I told myself no to buying anything else book related but owl crate reeled me in. I’ve been dying to buy one for a while now and I thought with it being their one year anniversary, why not. So I caved and bought it. Plus I thought I could review the product on my blog. Sadly I think I’ll only be getting the March box but hopefully will do more in the future.

My new instagram

I’m just getting started on this as well but would love to follow you all 😀


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