Book Review: Night Film By Marisha Pessl

Night FilmNight Film By Marisha Pessl

Goodreads Synopsis: Everybody has a Cordova story. Cult horror director Stanislas Cordova hasn’t been seen in public since 1977. To his fans he is an enigma. To journalist Scott McGrath he is the enemy. To Ashley he was a father.

On a damp October night the body of young, beautiful Ashley Cordova is found in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. Her suicide appears to be the latest tragedy to hit a severely cursed dynasty.

For McGrath, another death connected to the legendary director seems more than a coincidence. Driven by revenge, curiosity and a need for the truth, he finds himself pulled into a hypnotic, disorientating world, where almost everyone seems afraid.

The last time McGrath got close to exposing Cordova, he lost his marriage and his career. This time he could lose his grip on reality.


My Review: Wow So I’m a little upset with myself for waiting to read this book as long as I did. I think I was a little bit intimidated by the amount of pages there were. I’m happy to say that overall I really enjoyed this book. I did a buddy read with Kyleigh @ Coffeehouse Chatter with this book. I’m happy to have had someone to discuss this book with.

I have to say I really enjoyed the mystery of this book. The author kept me on my toes the whole book. I had some guesses here and there about the book but everything I thought was going to happen I was wrong about. I kept myself up pretty late because I couldn’t put this book down. I had so many questions and I needed to find out the answers.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book was the mixed media. There were internet websites, case files, photos, email and a whole bunch of media. I feel that really added to the story and made it a lot more enjoyable. I would see that there would be some form of media coming up and it gave me an incentive to keep reading. It was very well done and you can see a lot of work was put into it. It added a lot of mystery and creepiness to the story. I read this book on eBook and in hardcover. I noticed on eBook some of the pictures were in color while the hardcover had everything in black & white. I’m interested to why this was the case. I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he was saying how it probably was cheaper to print it that way. If anyone knows the reasoning behind that I really would love to know.

I have to say overall I enjoyed all the main characters. They felt very realistic to me. I do have to say they did somethings that kind of annoyed me but just like real people they make mistakes so it makes sense. I always found myself very interested in the main character. He’s a journalist and I loved his need to find out what happened to Ashley. He was very determined. He also remembered all the information really well. There were so many times he would look back on information he would know exactly what was said. I was very impressed.

I do have to say I do think this book was over hyped by how scary people said it was. I came in ready to be creeped out by this book and I can’t say that I was. It had a lot of shocking moments but I never was scared by anything that happened. I do read quite a lot of horror/thriller so maybe that’s why this book didn’t end up phasing me as it did other people.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. This is a book I really regret waiting to read. It was very realistic and shocking. There were so many moments where I didn’t want to put the book down because I needed to know what happened next. The mix of media was also a very nice touch and really added to the enjoyment of the story.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Have you guys read this book? If so I would love your thoughts on it? If so did you find it scary as everyone else said or were you like me and not phased by it?


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