Book Con Recap

Hi guys so I ended a really enjoyable weekend. I went to Book Con this weekend. I went on Saturday. I wanted to go Sunday but I wasn’t able to go on Sunday. I do have to say it ended up being really enjoyable and so much fun. I really can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!!So my friend and I met up at 8:30 to take the train to get to the Javis center which is where Book Con takes place. I would say we ended up getting there around 9:30 A.M. or so. They officially let you in at 10 A.M. At 10 A.M. they started letting people in. It didn’t take us long to finally get upstairs to the show floor. So the first thing I knew we had to do was go meet Morgan Matson because I sadly didn’t get tickets for her signing later in the day. She was doing a Meet and Greet with Jenny Han. I know they are really good friends. I have never read anything by Jenny but I do hope to in the future. So anyway, the line for the meet and greet ended up moving super fast. You get to take a picture with and get to talk real quick. So of course I went right away next to Morgan. I told her how I just finished reading Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour and how I thought it was really cool it was based off her own road trip she did . I told her how I recently bought the book set and now I was just missing The Unexpected Everything. She told me they were selling them at the table across from us. I was so happy I ended up getting to talk to her for a little. I really wish I could have longer but they needed to keep the line moving. I did end up buying The Unexpected Everything.

jenny han and morgan matson
Such a great way to start Book Con!

We then saw Scholastic was near by and that Clifford was hanging out. So we decided to go get a photo with him. I mean who could pass on a photo with Clifford The Big Red Dog. They were also giving away stuff by spinning a wheel. I ended up picking a Harry Potter poster. Sadly it got all wrinkled in my backpack. After that my friend and I decided to try to get into one of the panels but when we got there they weren’t letting anymore people in. We decided this would be a good time to us to get some coffee and just hangout for a little bit.

After that we decided we would go walk around the show floor and kill time before the next panel we went to. I’m a member of First in Line by Penguin Random House. So they set me an email telling me to show it at the booth and I’ll score some goodies from them. So we went over there and found out we could skip the line to get their goodies. We ended up getting a tote bag inside the tote bag was a beach towel and a box with more goodies in it. The box had two books in it, a portable charger, a bookmark, and a pen. I saw they had different books in the boxes. I got A Short History of The Girl Next Door By Jared Reck and The Golden Compass By Philip Pullman. So that was really awesome.

get underlined goodies

After that we ended up wandering around and picking up more goodies and books from other publishers. Then we saw this random line that didn’t have many people and we thought we would check it out. We still had some time before the panel we wanted to go to. So we asked the people on line what they were waiting for. They said that you basically talk to someone and they will give you a book depending on your interest. So we waited for that to start. It ended up moving very fast. I told the guy I read adult and some young adult. I’m a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers. Right away he pulls a book off of his shelf. It sounded super interesting and he said I’ll finish it in a couple hours. The book I got is called Best Day Ever By Kaira Rouda. I was talking to a girl who got the same book as me and she said it’s told from the husband’s perspective which is rarely done. I’m super excited to read this book. You guys may be seeing a review soon. I think I’ll be adding it to my June TBR.

After that we finally decided we should start lining up for the panel we wanted to go to. The panel was called, Find Your Voice with Sarah Dessen, Shannon Hale, Jenny Han, and Morgan Matson.

The description for the panel : Reaching a turning point in life can ask a lot of us. It brings us to the brink of growing up and can push us over the edge, thereby changing our lives forever. Join us as Sarah Dessen (Once and For All), Shannon Hale (Real Friends), Jenny Han (Always and Forever, Laura Jean), and Morgan Matson (The Unexpected Everything) discuss the various life events in their books and how they found their voice. This discussion will be moderated by Buzzfeed editor Erin Chack (This Is Really Happening).

We thankfully got there at a good time because there was still two rows for people to fill in. So we waited for a little bit and then 10 minutes before the panel started they let us in. It ended up being such a fun panel. They talked about writing, their characters, the boys in their books, friendships, and so much more. It was such a fun panel to experience. I learned that writing a book really isn’t easy as you think. They were saying they found it was harder the more books you’ve written. They said they work with situations they’ve dealt with in their life but added to it and changed it around to make it work for the story they were working for. Sarah Dessen said how one of the characters she wrote about was a friend she really needed at the time she was writing the book. I really need to check out Jenny and Shannon’s books. Their books sound like something I can see myself being interested in. I’m really glad I got to sit in on this.

book panel
Find Your Voice Panel

That was pretty much everything I did at Book Con. I was really upset that I didn’t see anyone from the online book community. I was really hoping I would run into someone I’ve talked to online but no such luck. I did end up seeing some Booktubers but I didn’t end up saying anything to them. Overall this was such a fun experience. I felt myself coming out of my shell. I ended up going up to people. I ended up complimenting some people on their outfits. Everyone I talked to was super friendly. It was a really good time. Plus it wasn’t that crowded there which I really enjoyed. I’ve been to the Javis Center for Comic Con and that gets very packed. So it was nice not to be on top of people. The only times when it was crowded where at the publishers who were giving away arcs people really wanted.

books from book con
These are all the books I ended up getting.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience. It made me really happy to be apart of this community. I got to meet one of my favorite authors. There were a couple things I wanted to do but ended up being at the same time of the events I went to. I can’t wait for the next Book Con. Now that I’ve experienced it I know what to expect and be even more prepared for the next one. Next time I most likely will do Saturday and Sunday. I’m still very upset I wasn’t able to go on Sunday.

Did you guys end up going to Book Con over the weekend? If so what was your favorite experience? What arcs did you end up getting? Would you go again? I can’t wait to hear about other people’s experiences.


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