Arc Review: Throw Away Girls

Throw Away GirlsThrow Away Girls By Jennifer Vaughn

Goodreads Synopsis: Hard-charging, insightful, and ambitious, Jaycee Wilder wants to take her TV news career to the next level. The Los Angeles reporter is hungry for the big story. When dead girls begin to pile up at seedy nightclubs that cater to whimsical, fetish-seeking strangers, Jaycee suspects a serial killer is at work. She aligns herself with an east coast cop trying to resurrect himself- and his once stellar career- from a drunken skid. The killer lives a normal life during the day, while hunting the Throw Away Girls at night, punishing them for their dark urges. He leaves messages behind in his victims’ blood, his explanation for enacting such brutal, twisted justice upon the unworthy. He watches the media coverage. He knows the wily reporter is chasing him. As Jaycee follows her gut, and the evidence, she forces him to act. But when a killer is clever and cunning, he can infiltrate anywhere. Jaycee must utilize all her skills to expose him before he gets to her first.

My Review: This is a book I requested back in February from Netgalley that I haven’t bothered to read yet so I thought I would give it a chance. It’s the first book in a series and overall I would say I enjoyed it. I have to say the story did a good job of pulling me in from the start. It starts right away with a murder scene. So you know what when down and how it happened but you just don’t know who the murder is. So I really enjoyed that. I feel stories sometimes take too long to give you the details so sometimes knowing from the beginning and trying to piece it from there is an enjoyable experience.

I have to say I actually really liked the main character. It just so happens that there are have been similar murders happening and Jaycee, the main character, finds herself very upset over what happened to these girls. She wants to get justice for them. She knows at the end of the day they are just normal girls and they don’t deserve to be brushed off. So she gets sucked in. She is dying to find the truth about what happened even if it might kill her. I loved her determination. She was so hardworking and wasn’t afraid to put herself in dangerous situations. I do have to say at times I wanted to be like Jaycee don’t do that you’re putting yourself in danger.

I do have to say the writing was okay for me. It wasn’t amazing but overall the author got the story across in an enjoyable way so I didn’t mind it as much. There were just times that I would kinda skim over what I was reading but I was focused majority of the time I read. I think part of that had to do with the one scene were I felt like it pointed out who the killer was very obviously. I mean it took me a little while to realize because I did have some guesses but there was the one scene were I was like oh okay that’s our killer. I feel that’s part of why I didn’t end up giving it more than three stars. I read this story a lot when I was tired but I still caught on and ended up figuring it out. I feel like it ended up being way to obvious and I didn’t like that.

I do have to say that the way things ended has me curious. I most likely will be checking out the next book because I am a fan of Jaycee. I thought she was very well done and enjoyable character. I would like to say where she goes from here. I am glad to see it comes out in July.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars.

*Thank you Netgalley for giving me a free copy of this book to review for my honest opinion.*


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