Book Review: The Trees Crept In

The Trees Crept InThe Trees Crept In By Dawn Kurtagich

Goodreads Synopsis: Stay away from the woods…

When Silla and Nori arrive at their aunt’s home, it’s immediately clear that the manor is cursed. The endless creaking of the house at night and the eerie stillness of the woods surrounding them would be enough of a sign, but there are secrets too—questions that Silla can’t ignore: Why does it seem that, ever since they arrived, the trees have been creeping closer? Who is the beautiful boy who’s appeared from the woods? And who is the tall man with no eyes who Nori plays with in the basement at night… a man no one else can see?My Review: So this is a book that I’ve heard a lot about for a while now. I’ve heard so many good things about the ending so I knew this was something I had to check out at somepoint. Then Kyleigh @ Coffeehouse Chatter told me she was going to read it. So we decided to do a buddy read of it. Sadly it didn’t end up going as plan. She ended up loving the book and well I struggled with it.

I’m sad to say I really couldn’t get into this book. I was struggling from the very beginning. I honestly didn’t know what was going on in the beginning. I was very confused. I would read and I wouldn’t absorb anything that was going on. It finally took me about 30% to finally start getting into the book. I still wasn’t sure what was happening but I was starting to figure out who the characters were. Things started to make a little bit more sense to me.

I do have to say Gowan ended up being my favorite character. I struggled to tell the difference between Silla, Nori, and Cath. So him being the main male character in this book made things a bit easier for me. Plus overall he was such an adorable character. The way he cares for Silla. I enjoyed seeing their relationship grow over the course of the book. Plus by the end of the book where the big shock is you see how loyal he’s been to Silla. My heart melted at that point in the story. Gowan is a real keeper and Silla is lucky to have him. I overall enjoyed Silla because she took such good care of her sister. You know she would do anything to keep her safe. She was so protective of her. You knew Silla wants what’s best for Nori.

I have to admit the ending did end up surprising me. I was pretty shocked by the ending. I guess I wasn’t blown away because majority of the book I was confused what was happening that by the time I got to the end I guess I was more relieved that I ended up making it that far. I did almost DNF this book because I couldn’t get into it. I decided to stick it out mainly for the ending. I do have to say if you do end up liking this book I’m sure the ending will surprise you. Majority of the time I hear about this book it’s about how good of an endings this has. So I’m sure if you like the beginning you’ll like the end too.

If you do plan on reading this book I feel it is better to read the actual book. I made the mistake of reading this on Ereader and I feel that really took away from the experience. I ended up seeing the book in person and it looked a lot cooler. There were parts I could tell were suppose to look different in the book but I couldn’t really tell to what extent. I know when you got the different perspectives from the characters the font changed and things looked pretty different for each of them. I could figure it out but I feel it was tougher on the Ereader. It had an eerie feel to it but I didn’t really get to experience that. It’s such a shame. I wonder if I would have liked the book more if I read from the book. I feel that adds to the experience so I missed out on that. Maybe in the future I will come back to this.

Overall I feel I should have just read the book like I originally planned to. I could see it being a lot more enjoyable experience if I did. I did like two of the main characters. I just was confused majority of the time reading this book so it took away from the experience. I also couldn’t see how eerie the writing looked in the book and that also took away from it. This book is suppose to creep you out. I was really looking forward to this one but ended up being a bust. I do feel this is a book I’ll need to give another chance to though. So hopefully in the future I can come back to this.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars.


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