Book Review: Worlds Between My Teeth By Tim Meyer

Worlds Between My TeethWorlds Between My Teeth By Time Meyer

Genre: Horror, Short Stories
Pages: 307 pages
Published: June 10th 2016
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

Plot: A dream you can’t wake up from. A cruel game you never wished you played. An enormous shadow living beneath your lake. An invasion of your world.

Worlds Between My Teeth collects TWELVE short stories designed to keep you up past midnight. Strap in. Tim Meyer, author of IN THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS and SUNFALL: SEASON ONE, grants you access to the portals in his mind. Welcome to his WORLDS…

TRACK LISTING: 1. The Dream Eaters 2. The Lemures 3. The Cherry Collectors 4. Worlds Between My Teeth 5. Gingerbread Death Machine 6. Under New Skies 7. The Ice King 8. Box Game 9. Armala’s Hunt 10. The Old Church 11. The Pumpkin Tree Giveth, The Pumpkin Tree Taketh Away 12. The Man Who Never Frowned

CONTAINS THE NOVELLA -The Organ Harvest: An October John Novella

My Review: On Goodreads I am a part of a lovely group called Gore and More. During the month of August the author of this horror book was giving it away for free. He just wanted to make sure we talked about it in the group and reviewed it on Goodreads and Amazon. The lovely Kyleigh @ Coffeehouse Chatter is also in the group so we decided to buddy read this. Did it end up being a successful read…well let’s find out!

I am sad to say I didn’t really end up enjoying this collection of short stories. First off it ended up taking me a while to get into. I was stuck on the second story for a couple of days. I just didn’t have the motivation to read it. I ended up skipping that story and moving on to the next one. I’m so glad I did because I ended up enjoying that one so much more. There ended up being a couple of stories I enjoyed but none of them creeped me like I was hoping they would.

Another thing I didn’t really enjoy was the writing. There were so many times that I would read something and have to stop because of how cheesy it sounded. There were just certain moments where I would say to myself nobody talks like this. It ended up taking me out of the story which is disappointing because I wanted to be immersed in the creepy atmosphere.

Overall I felt the stories were a bit weak and didn’t have that creepy factor I was looking for. I did have a couple that I found enjoyable but that was only really 3 out of the 12 stories that were told. I even ended up skipping the novella at the end because of how I felt out of the other stories. I feel bad for not enjoying this since the author gave it out for free. I did see other people really enjoying it so I just don’t think this was really for me.

*I just want to thank the author, Tim Meyer and his publicist, Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.*


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Worlds Between My Teeth By Tim Meyer

  1. I’m not really big on short stories… but I do enjoy them sometimes. I do try to support self published authors, but I feel like they don’t get enough outside opinion on editing and don’t really know what they are doing, so stories end up going out that are not necessarily ready.
    Great review though! Hopefully the author will see the criticism and use it to grow as an author.


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