Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

Top Ten Tuesday

Hey guys!! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! I am really excited for this one because it is Christmas themed. Every Christmas I usually ask for books. I’ve been trying to cut down on my book buying because I have so many I have to read. I just can’t help but ask for a couple because it’s Christmas. So let’s dive in!

Bird Box

Bird Box By Josh Malerman

Reason: This book has been on my TBR for a while now. I’ve heard so many good things about it so much. I’ve been telling myself I really need to read it. So I finally decided to ask for it for Christmas. If I end up getting it, you can bet I will be reading this next year.




Everything I Never Told YouEverything I Never Told You By Celeste Ng

Reason: This is another book I have been wanting to read for ages. I have heard a lot of good things about this. I was suppose to pick it up this year. I just never got around to it. I finally decided to just ask for it for Christmas. So if I do end up getting this I will be reading it next year too.




JoylandJoyland (Illustrated Edition) By Stephen King

Reason: I read this book in the past and really enjoyed it. I use to own a copy of it but I ended up getting rid of it. I recently found out there was a illustrated version so I knew I had to check that out. I remember really enjoying the story but I forgot what it was about. So I thought I could ask for this cool version of it.



End Of WatchEnd of Watch By Stephen King

Reason: I’ve been reading the Bill Hodges series this year. I got the first two books but I don’t have the last one. I figured I would save myself the trouble and just end up asking for the third one for Christmas.




Strange WeatherStrange Weather By Joe Hill

Reason: So I did end up getting an an e-arc of this book. I just never got to it so I decided I would just end up asking for it for Christmas. This has been something I have been excited to read for a while now. Plus, look at how gorgeous that cover is.




Through The WoodsThrough The Woods By Emily Carroll

Reason: This is something I thought looked interesting. It’s a spooky comic. So I thought I would check it out and ask for it for Christmas.





Fragments of The LostFragments of The Lost By Megan Miranda

Reason: I was lucky to have went to a panel that had Megan Miranda on it. There she was talking about this book. It sounded really interesting and different. I have been wanting to check it out since. I didn’t actually put this on my Christmas list but it’s something I would have really liked to get.



Archie Volume 2Archie, Volume 2 By Mark Waid, Veronica Fish (Illustrator) Thomas Pitilli (Illustrator), Ryan Jampole (Illustrator)

Reason: I use to read some of the Archie comics when I was younger. I wanted to try these new ones for a while. I ended up reading the first one and really enjoyed it. I liked it a lot that I thought I would start collecting the series.



The Wicked and The Divine Vol. 5The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 5: Imperial Phase I By Kieron Gillen

Reason: Last Christmas I asked for Volumes 2-4 of the series. I recently just read the other volumes. I am not 100% of what is going on but it’s caught my interest still. So I figured I would continue on with the series.




Paper Girls, Volume 2Paper Girls, Volume 2 By Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang (Illustrator), Matt Wilson (Colorist), Jarded K. Fletcher (Letterer)

Reason: Last year I got the first volume of this comic. I didn’t really have a clue what was going on but I really enjoyed the artwork. I decided I would give the second volume a chance to see if I want to end up continuing with the series or not.



Well I can’t wait to see what Santa actually brings me this year. I would love to get all the books if I could.

What are some books that you wish Santa would bring for you this year? I would love to hear from you guys.


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