My Review of 2017

Hey guys I seriously can’t believe 2017 is over. It honestly doesn’t feel like 2018 to me. Anyway I thought it would be fun to do this. I ended up doing it last year where I reviewed 2016. Overall I feel 2016 was a good read of reading. I read a lot and found a lot of amazing new authors. I also read a lot of great books. I am super excited to see what 2018 brings for me. Hopefully some great reads. Let’s begin!

Favorite book published in 2017?


Hunting Prince DraculaHunting Prince Dracula By Kerri Maniscalco

It was hard to pick a favorite but I couldn’t help but go straight to this one. I loved the first book in the series but man does this one take the cake. I loved the scenery and I really ended up enjoying the characters a lot more in this one. I’m super excited for the third one.

Favorite debut book in 2017?

A List Of CagesA List of Cages By Robin Roe

This was such a great debut book. It’s an emotional story but I loved every second of it. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t.



Favorite book not published this year?

The Wife Between UsThe Wife Between Us By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

This book doesn’t come out until January 9th but boy was it such a great read. This book just kept the twists coming and I really loved that. Any thoughts I had were completely wrong. It was great. I can’t wait for you all to read it.

A book that lived up to the hype.

CinderCinder By Marissa Meyer

I ended up really enjoying this book a lot. It ended up being my favorite in the series. I really loved the concept of it. I can’t wait to check out more from Marissa in the future.


A book that did NOT live up to the hype.

YouYou By Caroline Kepnes

This is a book I have been wanting to read for years now. I finally asked for it for my birthday. I was so let down by this book. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I just wasn’t as creeped out as most people. I also really didn’t like the writing of the book.

Book that felt like the biggest accomplishment?

WinterWinter By Marissa Meyer

This book was 827 pages. I always get worried when it comes to big books that I’ll get intimated and never read the book. I decided to stop letting page numbers get in the way of me wanting to read something.


Favorite character.

27 The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever By Sarah Dessen

Kristy hands down is my favorite character. I read the Truth About Forever in Februrary and she’s still a character I’ll randomly think about from time and time again. She’s so fearless. I want to be more like her. I would like to work on speaking my mind more in 2018.

Favorite couple/OTP.

Alex, ApproximatelyAlex, Approximately By Jenn Bennett

I love Bailey and Porter. They are the cutest. I loved reading about them.



The best written book you read this year.

17 Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes By Stephen King

Omg why didn’t I start this series sooner. I loved this book so much. I was bummed to have finished the series. I can’t wait to watch the show.


Book that you pushed the most people to read in 2017.

I honestly can’t think of what book I pushed people to read. If there is anything I pushed you to read in 2017 let me know lol.

Favorite adaptation.

Big Little LiesBig Little Lies By Liane Moriarty

Omg wow what an amazing show! I loved the book and was so excited to watch the show. I ended up really enjoying it. It ended up getting renewed for a second season.


What book made you cry the most?

If I Fix YouIf I Fix You By Abigail Johnson

This book was such an emotional ride. I ended up really enjoying it. It also ended up making me really upset. I don’t know if it made me cry the most. I do know it made me cry.


What book made you laugh the most?

I wish I could remember but I honestly can’t. I’m going to need to take note this year.

A new favorite author you discovered this year.

Kathryn CroftKathryn Croft

She isn’t an author I’ve heard too much about. I ended up reading two books from her last year. I thought both were great. I was freaked out and that’s never really happened to me before. I was also very surprised by them. I can’t wait to read more of her books.

Guilty pleasure read of the year.

Archie Vol. 1Archie, Vol. 1: The New Riverdale By Mark Waid, Fiona Staples (Illustrator), Annie Wu (Illustrator), and Veronica Fish (Illustrator)

I think of this as a guilty pleasure because of the show. I read the first volume and then after I watched the show. The show is very cheesy but I ended up really enjoying it. I can’t wait to read more of the comic.

Were you happy with your reading year?

Overall yes I really enjoyed my year of reading. I ended up reading a couple books I really wanted to read. I started DNFing books I didn’t like. I discovered a lot of new authors who I’m excited to read more from. It was a fun year of reading.

What will you do different in 2018?

I plan on listening to more audiobooks. At the end of 2017 I really started getting into audiobooks. They helped me get through books a lot faster. Some books I still need the physical book but it helps. I also want to DNF more books. There were a couple books I sucked up last year that I ended up really disliking.



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