Arc Review: Two Girls Down

Two Girls DownTwo Girls Down By Louisa Luna

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Suspense,
Pages: 322 pages
Published: January 9th 2018
Publisher: Doubleday

Plot: When two young sisters disappear from a strip mall parking lot in a small Pennsylvania town, their devastated mother hires an enigmatic bounty hunter, Alice Vega, to help find the girls. Immediately shut out by a local police department already stretched thin by budget cuts and the growing OxyContin and meth epidemic, Vega enlists the help of a disgraced former cop, Max Caplan. Cap is a man trying to put the scandal of his past behind him and move on, but Vega needs his help to find the girls, and she will not be denied.

With little to go on, Vega and Cap will go to extraordinary lengths to untangle a dangerous web of lies, false leads, and complex relationships to find the girls before time runs out, and they are gone forever. My Review: So this was a book I didn’t know much about but it sounded interesting so I decided I would give it a chance. I saw on goodreads it had good ratings from people I was friends with so I was happy to see that. Well did I end up enjoying it as much as they did? Let’s find out.

First of all I am sad to say I felt this book was a rocky experience for me. It started out pretty slow. It took me a couple of chapters to get into this. A part of me wanted to DNF it because I didn’t have any motivation to go back to the book. I decided that I was going to read a bit more and see how that goes. It was about 27% into the book it finally caught my attention. Sadly I felt this was an ongoing experience throughout the book. One moment I was really into it the next I felt myself glazing over the text. I also don’t think it helped that the chapters were so long. I was constantly checking when I could get to the next chapter. It felt like things kept dragging on.

Thankfully I did end up enjoying the main characters. I did like Alice and Cap. I felt like they ended up making a really great team and ended up working really well together. It took them sometime to get use to each other but when they finally found their rhythm it was nice. I honestly could see them having there one little series. The only aspect I wasn’t too fond of was since they both were lonely they kinda had a thing for each other. I felt it was a bit unnecessary. I mean thankfully when it was mentioned it was only for a second. It also popped up every once in a while. I just felt there wasn’t much of a point to it by the end of the book.

Another thing about this book that threw me off was all the characters that pop up. Since this is a book about a crime being committed they had a lot of leads they had to follow. If the suspects were brought up later in the book it took me a little while to figure out who they were. I wish the author did a quick recap.

Lastly I just found the ending to be a bit unbelievable. There are some questions I have the story the one character told to another. I just felt it was a bit fishy and didn’t make sense to me. I can’t say what because it spoils the book. I just am like this is really why this all started. I feel like there are some holes in the story. Also I had some suspicions about who I thought was behind the crime which ended up being right. I felt the author made it a little obvious because I felt this character stood out. So I wasn’t super surprised by the news.

Overall I felt like this book was a rocky ride. It went back and forth with holding my attention. It some really good parts and other parts I just wanted to be done with. I am happy that the main characters were so interesting because they were the reason I continued on with this book. I might check out another book from this author. I would love for her to write another book with these characters. Right now this is a standalone book but I could see it being a series about Alice and Cap.

Have you guys ever continued reading a book you were feeling iffy about just because you enjoyed the characters? I would love to hear what books those were.


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