The Sunshine Award

the sunshine blogger award

Woot this is my second time being tagged in this but the first time I never actually did it. I decided I needed to change that. I am so thankful for Kristyn from The Bibliophile Empress for tagging me and also Darque from Darque Dreamer Reads for tagging me a couple months ago. I really appericate it so much. My blog has come a long way since I’ve started. I would like to continue this journey with you guys. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

For this nomination there are 4 rules to follow:

1.) Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you for the blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions that the blogger asked you.

3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or blog.

Here are my answers to Kristyn’s questions:

1.) Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog because I enjoyed blogging on goodreads. I also wanted to meet people and be able to read books early. So I decided it was time for me to make a blog. That’s really where it started from.

2.) What is your dream profession? If you already work in it, what is it?

This is so tough. I am honestly still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. One minute I want to work here the next minute I want to work there. I don’t really know. I’ve always wanted to work in television or maybe with books.

3.) What are your 2018 goals? Have you completed any yet?

My goals of 2018 are to make new bookish friends. So far that’s working. I also want to loose weight. I also want to find a stable job.

4.) What are some hobbies you do?

Reading, Watching movies and tv, Shopping, Hanging out with friends, blogging, and taking pictures.

5.) What is your favorite candy?

Honestly I love anything with chocolate.

6.) What is your favorite book?

Dark Places By Gillian Flynn.

7.) Who is your favorite author?

Gillian Flynn.

8.) What is a show that you have loved so much that you binge watched it?

Parks and Recreation. That’s a show I’ve binged watched. I’ve also watched it multiple times.

9.) What is a movie that scared the heck out of you? Has there been one?

I don’t think a movie has ever really scared me. There have been movies with jump scares I’ve watched. I don’t watch too many scary movies.

10.) What are some of your biggest fears?

One of my biggest fears is bugs. They are so creepy.

11.) What are some problems or obstacles that you’ve faced with your blog? What are you hoping to achieve with your blog?

I struggled when I first started my blog. I blogged a little here and there then I wouldn’t post for a while. Last year I finally got into the community more. I feel like that has helped motivate me to continue blogging. I’ve been trying to blog everyday since I have so much free time right now. I love talking about books. I hope to continue doing this as long as you guys let me. I just hope to get my blog to be more well known. That’s really it.

Here are the blogs I nominate:

1.) Kyleigh (

2.) Jenna (

3.) Kathryn (

4.) Luna (

5.) Lucile (

6.) Elise (

7.) Lori (

8.) Victoria (

9.) Mary & Jenn (

10.) Courtney (

11.) Jessica (

If you have already been nominated, I’d appreciate you linking me to your post with your original questions. I’d really enjoy reading them!

Here are my 11 questions for my nominees:

1.) Why did you start your blog?

2.) What is some advice you have for other bloggers?

3.) What fictional place would you travel to if you could?

4.) What author do you wish you could be friends with?

5.) Whose your favorite author that you’ve met?

6.) What author would you trust to write your biography?

7.) What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?

8.) Which book to movie adaptation do you wish never happened?

9.) What book do you wish would be turned into a movie?

10.) What book do you wish had a cookbook for it?

11.) What is your most anticipated release of 2018?

Thanks so much again to Kristyn and Darque for tagging me! I had so much fun coming up with the questions for this. I can’t wait to see your posts!


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