Ace of Shades Party Ideas

Ace of Shades Party

Hey guys! I decided to do this is just a fun post I really have wanted to do for a while. Ace of Shades is going to be released in 25 days. So I thought it be fun to give you guys some ideas for an Ace of Shades themed party. So let’s dive in!



I always feel balloons really add to any occasion. What better way to celebrate Ace of Shades with some diamond, heart, spade and club.

decorations to hang

These are more simple decorations that you can very easily hang from the ceiling.

speical poker chips

What a great way to show your love for Ace of Shades by getting custom poker chips. You can get one side to have Ace of Shades By Amanda Foody and the side has the release date on it. Plus this can be a fun gift to give to guest when they leave. Plus think how cute they would look in photos!bathroom mirror

This is a decoration I really enjoy. I know you’re guests won’t be spending too much time in the bathroom but I love how it really spruces it up. Plus it’s very simple to do and cards don’t cost much.

Table Setting

Now these are two table settings I found that I thought were really cute and really went with the theme we are going with. You could even buy black and red themed plates and cups to keep things simple.


I thought this was a very way to set up silverware up for guests. Plus it’s not very involved but still looks very nice.


I thought these were such a great idea. They have them for soda, cupcakes and napkins. It’s a fun way to decorate foods and utensils. All you have to do is print them out!


I like the way this table is very set up. There is a lot of yummy snacks on this table. Plus some drinks as well. All very nicely decorated. A great inspiration to go off of when setting up your table.


candy cigars

What better to spice up your Ace of Shade party with some pretend cigars. All you have to do is buy twixs and print the logos online and you’re all set!

dice brownies

Everyone loves sweets, especially dice brownies. All you need to do is bake brownies and then put icing on top in the shape of circles. Super yummy!

speical cookies

What better way to celebrate Ace of Shades with some customs cookies. You can even get cookies with writing on them and you can have Ace of Shades be added on to the cookie!

dice dip

If you want something besides sweets here is a dice dip. All you have to do is add olives to it and you’re all set.


Whenever I have people over my go to food of choice is pizza. Nobody can say no to pizza!


singature drinks

I think a great addition to the party would be to come up with some signature drinks for the party. You can include Gambler’s Ruin, Snake Eye, Lollipop Lick and Brint Water. (can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

ace of shades drinks

Now I’ve never seen these in person but the moment I saw them online they were screaming Ace of Shades. Last time I checked they’re extremely expensive but a girl can dream.

poker chip coasters

How adorable are these coasters! They are super fitting for the party.


4 in one casino set

It wouldn’t be an Ace of Shades party without some casino games being played. I thought this was a great set because it’s 4 in 1!


One of the lovely doves, Austine @Novel Knight, created this lovely game of M.A.S.H. I would print these out for my guests and have us play to discover our fate in the city of sin.

shot roulette

This is shot roulette. You basically put random drinks in each glass. Then you spin the wheel. Wherever it lands you have to drink. (You can do this alcoholic or non-alcoholic but it leans towards alcoholic)



Everyone always loves necklaces. They go perfect with the theme of the party. Leave them on a table or hand them out to guests as they arrive.

picture propsIt’s not a party without having pictures taken. Show everyone how much fun you had with these great picture props.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I thought it be fun to give you guys ideas for an Ace of Shades party. These are just some ideas. Obviously there is so much more you can do. All these photos came from Pinterest.

Don’t forget Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody comes out April 10th 2018. You can still pre-order it to get some amazing goodies. For more details please check:

Ace of Shades preorder


7 thoughts on “Ace of Shades Party Ideas

  1. I can’t wait to read this book???? I want to attend a party just like this with all my heart *has selfish idea* oh my gosh, I think my sister is going to need a party like this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so anxious for this book! I seriously can’t wait for it to come out. I would love to throw a party like this. I wish my friends were in to reading as much as I was. If you do end up throwing this party for your sister, let me know. I would love to see how it comes out!

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