The Zombie Apocalypse Tag

Hey guys so I was tagged by the lovely Whitney @ Whit Reads Lit to do The Zombie Apocalypse Tag. I got really exicted when I saw I was tagged. This looks like such a fun and interesting tag. I feel I’ve been on a like kinda end of the world kinda kick lately. So let’s dive in.


  • Choose 5 books
  • Randomly set up your books in order
  • Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see.
  • Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them.
Here are the books I picked:


  1. Mean Girls By Micol Ostow
  2. The Thousand Dollar Tan Line By Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham
  3. Mr. Mercedes By Stephen King
  4. Bird Box By Josh Malerman
  5. Unraveling Oliver By Liz Nugent


 The First Person to Die:

Regina George from Mean Girls. I mean maybe if she wasn’t too busy being a bitch she might have actually survived.

The First Person You Trip to Escape the Zombies:

Cady Heron from Mean Girls. I mean I feel kind of bad for doing this. She isn’t a bad person but I gotta do what I gotta do to survive.

The Person that Trips You to Get Away from the Zombies:

Eduardo from The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. I mean I don’t even remember him as a character so I’m a bit offended but I guess that’s what I get for forgetting him.

The First Person to Turn Into a Zombie:

Veronica Mars from The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. I’m upset because I feel she could have helped us get out of this situation.

The Team Idiot:

Brady Hartsfield from Mr. Mercedes. I can see him being the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

The Brains of the Group:

Bill Hodges from Mr. Mercedes. We might have lost Veronica but I’m glad Bill is here to help us.

 The Team Medic:

Cheryl from Bird Box. I can see her being a decent medic.

The Weapons Expert:

Malorie from Bird Box. There wasn’t much talk about weapons in her book so she might be a little disappointing at first. I can see her getting the hang of it after practice.

The Brawler:

Oliver Ryan from Unraveling Oliver. I feel this is the most fitting out. It almost feels like it was planned but it really wasn’t.

The Team Leader:

Alice Ryan from Unraveling Oliver. Okay we are pretty much screwed.


Regina George, Cady Heron, Eduardo, Veronica Mars, Brady Hartsfield , Bill Hodges, Cheryl, Malorie, Oliver Ryan, and Alice Ryan.
I’ll tag some other awesome bloggers! If you don’t want to do it, don’t feel like you have to!

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