Bout Of Books 22: Wrap-up

Bout of Books Read-a-thonHey guys! So last week I decided last minute I was going to sign up for Bout Of Books 22. It lasted from May 14th to May 20th. I ended up really enjoying it. I ended up getting a good amount of reading done. I didn’t read everything on the TBR I created for it but I did get a lot in. Here is my TBR for Bout of Books 22. I can’t wait for the next one!


Here are the books I wanted to read for Bout Of Books 22:

Here are the books I read:

So I felt this readathon had a slow start. The first couple days I wasn’t really reading a lot. I read a little bit of So Close to Being the Shit, Y’all Don’t Even Know. Finally Wednesday came and I was almost done with that I knew I wanted to finish it that night. Then I ended up getting to Nice Try, Jane Sinner. I really liked that so it was a quick read for me. Daughter of the Burning City was a book I was hoping to finish in only 3 days since I had the audiobook but it took me sometime to get into. Every Exquisite Thing was a book I started before this readathon. I wasn’t planning on finishing last week but I’m so glad I did. I tried reading LIFEL1K3 and I found out right away it wasn’t the book for me. I felt so bad I figured this out too late since I was a part of the blog tour. I also tried reading Things I Can’t Explain and I just wasn’t into it.  I honestly can’t wait for the next Bout Of Books. It was a lot of fun. I was so happy I ended up getting so much reading done this past week.

My Favorite Read of Bout Of Books 22: Nice Try, Jane Sinner By Lianne Oelke

My Least Favorite Read of Bout Of Books 22: Daughter of the Burning City By Amanda Foody

Did you guys end up taking part in Bout Of Books 22? If so what books did you end up reading? What was your favorite and least favorite book of the readathon?



5 thoughts on “Bout Of Books 22: Wrap-up

    1. Aw I feel like it’s always worth trying because it gives me a little push. I feel even if I didn’t complete the challenges but did some reading it helped. Plus Bout of Books does two chats. One at the beginning of the readathon and one at the end so you get to meet new people.

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    1. The main character is an illusion worker who works for a traveling circus. Her and her illusions are part of the freak show. All of a sudden her illusion start dying one by one. So she has to figure out who killing them off to protect her family. I liked Ace of Shades more. I feel like I might have to give this one another chance at some point though.

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