Down The TBR Hole #43

Hey guys! It’s time for another Down the TBR Hole which was created by Lia @Lost In A Story! I got rid of a good amount of books last week. I am hoping to get of more. This week looks like it has some good books though. We will see what happens. Now let’s dive in!

Girls on FireGirls on Fire By Robin Wasserman

For some reason the summary of this book isn’t popping up on goodreads. I know I am interested in reading this so I’m going to keep it on.

Judgement: Keep




The CleanerThe Cleaner By Elisabeth Herrmann

Oh this book seems super interesting and right up my alley. I wanna try to read more international writers. I hope I don’t have a hard time finding this book.

Judgement: Keep




ThinnerThinner By Richard Bachman

The moment I found out Stephen King under a different name, I knew I had to check out those books. The cover of this book creeps me out. I’m going to have to check this out at some point.

Judgement: Keep



The HuntedThe Hunted By Wayne Barcomb

I honestly am no longer interested in reading this book.

Judgment: Go





The Faces of StrangersThe Faces of Strangers By Pia Padukone

I feel like I probably ended up adding this book for the cover. It is so pretty. I reread the summary of it and I am not interested in picking this up.

Judgement: Go




This is Where it EndsThis Is Where It Ends By Marieke Nijkamp

So I had added this book in 2016. I feel with everything that has been going on it’s going to be too emotional. So I’m going to have to pass.

Judgement: Go




The Mangle Street MurdersThe Mangle Street Murders By M.R.C. Kasasian

Okay so I don’t know too much about this book. It does have a cute cover and murders in the title so I’m going to give it a try.

Judgement: Keep




Fight Club 2Fight Club 2 By Chuck Palahniuk (Goodreads Author), Cameron Stewart (Goodreads Author), David W. Mack (Illustrations)

I have been in such a mood lately to pick up something by Chuck Palahniuk after seeing him at Bookcon. I think I’m going to add this to my TBR for August. I am so excited to check this out. I really liked Fight Club.

Judgment: Keep


ReplicaReplica By Lauren Oliver

I had to read this for a book club I joined for a little while. I found myself not being able to get into it. I don’t really have any interest in retrying it.

Judgement: Go




Hotel RubyHotel Ruby By Suzanne Young

I’m not sure why but I feel I want to read is because it takes place in a hotel. It just seems like it would be a fun setting for a book. I’m going to have to check it out.

Judgement: Keep




TBR Start Number: 574
Number of Books Kept: 6 Books
Number of Books Gotten Rid of: 4 Books
Current Number on TBR: 570

Have you guys read any of these books? I would love to hear your thoughts if you had.


4 thoughts on “Down The TBR Hole #43

  1. I have Replica By Lauren Oliver sitting on my shelf, I managed to find a signed edition at a book sale. Since I realized that I am afraid to read it because I might not like it and it’s signed. I am so torn!

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    1. Oh yeah that is always a crappy moment when you have a signed book and then you don’t really like it. It’s like I kinda wanna get rid of it but it’s also signed. I hope you end up having a positive experience with it.

      Liked by 1 person

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