5 Star Predictions

Hey guys! So I have been seeing this go around on youtube in the past and have been wanting to do this for a while now. I think the main reason I just never did is because I’ve been super nervous about this. I worry that I’ll make this list and then either I won’t like any of the books or none of them will be five stars. Sure I know what books I like but sometimes I surprise myself. Sometimes I find myself loving a book I might never have picked up and other times I’ll dislike a book I was dying to pick up. I am very excited to pick up all these books. After I read all of them I will come back and make another post with my ratings and what I ended up thinking of them. So let’s dive in!

Then She Was Gone1. Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell

I ended up reading I Found You By Lisa Jewell last year and I ended up loving it. It was such a good read and just brought out all the emotions in me. This book sounds really good. I’ve been putting it off because I’m worried I won’t like it as much but I do hope to get to it soon.

 I Let You Go2. I Let You Go By Clare Mackintosh

So I read Let Me Lie By Clare Mackintosh. I liked it but I didn’t love it. I have heard amazing things about this book. I even found it a couple of months ago in a one dollar section at a bookstore. So I own it, I just need to get to it.

The Girl With No Past3. The Girl With No Past By Kathryn Croft

I’m not sure how I came across Kathryn Croft but I am so happy I did. I’ve read two of her books. One of them really creeped me out. I found myself a bit spooked for a little bit after reading it. The other book I thought good but wasn’t as creepy. This is her most popular book so I really want to check it out. I picked up the audio of this a couple of months ago.

Skin Deep4. Skin Deep By Liz Nugent

So Liz Nugent is an author I discovered this year. I have both of her books and have given both of  them a 5 star rating. Liz is great with writing character driven stories. She honestly has become one of my favorite writers. Both of her stories were so well written. I also was extremely shocked by both of them. I honestly feel like she could be an author where I love all her books. Sadly this book isn’t out in the U.S. yet but I can get it on book depository. So it’s currently on my wishlist.

The Cheerleaders5. The Cheerleaders By Kara Thomas

So I was a little skeptical putting this on my list. I really enjoyed The Darkest Corners a lot. Little Monsters fell flat for me. I do think this one sounds super interesting. It is compared to things I really enjoy. However I have learned over the years you don’t always believe those comparisons. So I’m really curious to see how I like this. I am planning to read this for an upcoming readathon. I am still really excited for this one.

The Kind Worth Killing6. The Kind Worth Killing By Peter Swanson

So I am honestly shocked that I still haven’t read a Peter Swanson book. I have heard amazing things about his books. I pretty much want to read all his books. I even have an arc of his newest release. I am pretty sure I just won an arc of his 2019 release. So I feel like all signs are pointing to me reading Peter Swanson. I might not get to him this month but I do hope to next month.

Station Eleven7. Station Eleven By Emily St. John Mandel

This is one of those books I have heard a lot about. It has gotten a lot of good reviews about it. It honestly sounds like a really interesting story. Something I can see myself really enjoy reading about. I can’t wait to check this out.

9c179e72-e00b-4ef1-9a0c-706ed0f46898-save-the-date-final18. Save the Date By Morgan Matson

So I am a big fan of Morgan Matson. I’ve read almost all of her books. I really need to read this one and Second Chance Summer. I have been wanting to reread some of her books too. I heard this book is more family drama than romance which I am all for. I do love my drama. This one I really would like to get to before the end of the year.

A Curious Beginning9. A Curious Beginning By Deanna Raybourn

This book serious reminds me of The Stalking Jack the Ripper series except it’s adult instead of ya. It does sound like it would be right up my alley. The more I hear about it the more curious I get. I do feel like these are books I would love to own because the covers are so pretty. I can see myself asking for them for Christmas.

The Princess Bride10. The Princess Bride By William Goldman

I recently watched the full movie of this. I ended up loving it so much. It was such an enjoyable movie. So when I heard that it was based off a book I had to add it to my TBR. I feel if it’s similar to the book I’m going to end up really enjoying it.

So that is it for my 5 star predictions. I am super excited and very nervous to get to this. I plan to work on reading these within the next couple of months so I can have the update post up within the next couple months. It honestly probably won’t be until next year because there are a lot of other books I want to try to get to. I will be working on focusing on these as well.

What are some books you think you will rate 5 stars? Are they any of these? I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have done a blog post about your 5 star predictions please leave it down below. I would love to check it out.


11 thoughts on “5 Star Predictions

    1. Oh nice that is so good to hear. He is an author I’ve heard amazing things about and just haven’t check out yet. I do have two arcs from him but I’d like to get to this one first.


  1. I am thinking Skin Deep By Liz Nugent and Save the Date By Morgan Matson will be 5 star reads for me too. I need to get on ordering Skin Deep as soon as I finish all my Shirley Jackson books. Can’t wait to see what happens with all your predictions!

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    1. I was really hoping to get to Save the Date at leas this year. Maybe I will I still have some time but I feel my reading is just all over the place but we shall see. I hope we both end up giving them both 5 stars.

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  2. Ooooh, great list! I hope all of these are 5 star reads for you. I know what you mean about being hesitant to make this post. I did one on my blog recently and it took me quite a while to convince myself to do it. It might sound silly but part of me was worried I’d jinx myself. 😂

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