Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Books I’d Like To Read

Hey guys!!! It’s time again for another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s theme is Longest Books I’ve Ever Read but since big books intimidate me I decided to do Longest Books I’d Like To Read. I have read some big books but I felt had more books I wanted to read than actually read. So let’s dive in!

The Stand1. The Stand By Stephen King (1,153 pages)

It2. IT By Stephen King (1,116 pages)

32 The Cider House Rules3. The Cider House Rules By John Irving (973 pages)

1Q844. 1Q84 By Haruki Murakami (925 pages)

Outlander5. Outlander By Diana Gabaldon (850 pages)

11.22.636. 11/22/63 By Stephen King (849 pages)

10 The Goldfinch7. The Goldfinch By Donna Tartt (771 pages)

The Fireman8. The Fireman By Joe Hill (768 pages)

House of Leaves9. House of Leaves By Mark Z. Danielewski (705 pages)

American Gods10. American Gods By Neil Gaiman (635 pages)

Have you read any of these long books? If so what did you think of them? What are some of the longest books you’d like to read? I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Books I’d Like To Read

    1. I’ve watched season one and two of the show and it is soo good. I really need to get to the book. I recently just read Game of Thrones and that took like 10 months so I haven’t been wanting to pick up a book for a little while.

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  1. 1Q84 and Goldfinch is on my longest books to read in 2018 tooo!! (Although October is here and I’m nowhere even near those books but one can def hope right?)
    Also try Anna Karenina if you haven’t read that one yet!

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