Blogmas Day 22: Christmas Eve Eve

Hey guys!! So today I thought I would talk about Christmas Eve Eve. Christmas Eve Eve has always had a special place in my heart. I honestly don’t remember when I started celebrating it but it’s something I’ve been doing for years. So I thought I’d talk about when it first started and what it is today. So let’s dive in!

So a while back my best friend and I basically started getting together to celebrate Christmas on December 23rd. She would always come over to my house and would sleepover. I vaguely remember what we use to do when I lived at my Mom’s house. We were younger at the time. I think still in high school. I just remember how awesome it was that we got to spend some of Christmas Eve together.

As time went on we just started making it a tradition. She would come over on Christmas Eve Eve. We would exchange gifts and just have a chill night in. I remember once I ended up moving over to my Dad’s house and we were in college, we would always just hangout watch movies and order Dominos. My boyfriend knew this was a special day for us so he started getting in on it as well. He would buy a bunch of snacks for me for Christmas and had me open them early. That way we had snacks for when we’d be watching out movies.

Christmas Eve Eve 2015 (I think)
This is some of the snacks and movies from one of our previous Christmas Eve Eve.

Sadly though last year, my best friend and I had a falling out during the beginning of the year. I was thinking of not mentioning this but Christmas Eve Eve was our tradition. So I felt like it needed to be said. So last Christmas Eve Eve was a little bit tough. Plus some other things that we were stressed out about. Things just didn’t really feel like Christmas. Even though that was the case, my boyfriend did what he could to make Christmas Eve Eve special for me. He got me a bunch of snacks. We ended up watching a movie I got him for Christmas the year before. We ordered Dominos and just hung out. It ended up being a fun night. I am very thankful for him.

Christmas Eve Eve 2017

This year Christmas Eve Eve is going to end up being a bit different. My boyfriend and I are going with my parents to go see Packers Vs. Jets at MetLife Stadium. We have never seen the Packers play live before and we thought it would be a fun game to go to. After we go to the game we are planning to go to dinner somewhere. So it is a bit different from my usual Christmas Eve Eve but I am still really excited. I was slightly upset we weren’t getting Dominos but my boyfriend told me he’d make it up to me. There still will be lots of sweets though so that will still be happening.

Do you guys have any special holiday traditions you do every year?


4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22: Christmas Eve Eve

  1. Aww your boyfriend is so sweet for doing all of that! Usually Christmas eve eve is extremely busy for my family (getting presents last minute, grocery shopping, etc.) so it’s lovely to hear of your tradition. Happy holidays ❤

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    1. Aw thank you Taylor!! Aw I am sorry to hear that Christmas Eve Eve is so busy for you. I don’t know how you guys deal with the crowds. That takes a lot of patience. I figured I would do something different for Blogmas today. Christmas Eve Eve is a special day for me. Happy Holidays to you too!! ❤

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