Down The TBR Hole #64

Hey guys! It’s time for another Down The TBR Hole which was created by Lia @Lost In A Story! Each week I am getting closer to finishing. I am so bummed. I really would like to get under 400 books on my TBR. I don’t know if that will happen. So let’s dive in!

theinnocentwifeThe Innocent Wife By Amy Lloyd

I am super intrigued by this book. I read the description and really wanted to pick it up right away. I want to know more. So I’m going to keep it on my list.

Judgement: Keep




thebeautifuldeadThe Beautiful Dead By Belinda Bauer

So I wasn’t sure about this one but the plot sounds interesting. It’s about a killer who likes putting his killings online for people to watch. It reminds me of a movie. I’m just not sure what the name is. I might be thinking If you know let me know. I want to check this out. It sounds different from other thrillers I’ve read so I’m very interested.

Judgement: Keep


liesshetoldLies She Told By Cate Holahan

So I got this a little while back from Book of the Month. It sounded really interesting. Also one of my favorite booktubers, Booksandlala, just read this and she liked most of it. So I’m interested in checking it out. I wanted to read it for her readathon she just did but I’ve been reading slowly. So I didn’t get a chance. I hope to pick it up sometime soon. Maybe for thrillerathon.

Judgement: Keep


thedreadfultaleofprosperreddingThe Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding By Alexandra Bracken

So my friend ended up buying this book for me because I really liked the book cover and it was signed. At the time I didn’t know much about it but I’ve seen people on Booktube talk about it so I know more about it now. The second one comes out next week so maybe I’ll pick it up and then if I like it read the second book.

Judgement: Keep


themidnightdanceThe Midnight Dance By Nikki Katz

I am not sure why but I really thought this book was a thriller. I think I must have mistaken it for something else. The ratings are very mixed on this one. I honestly think I’m just going to pass on it.

Judgement: Go



athousandperfectnotesA Thousand Perfect Notes By C.G. Drews

So C.G. Drews who is popular on book twitter. I always really enjoyed the things she posted. So when I saw she was writing a book, I’d figure I would check it out. I still really would like to. It also has a lot of good ratings. I am curious to see what I think of it.

Judgement: Keep



deathnoteDeath Note By Caroline Mitchell

Right now I am going to pass on this one. It isn’t really peaking my interest. The third book in the series sounds interesting. So maybe in the future I’ll look more into this book.

Judgement: Go



thelifeweburyThe Life We Bury By Allen Eskens

So I am a little skeptical about this one. However a lot of people I follow on goodreads that read a lot of similar things to me really enjoyed this one. Also reading the summary has me very curious. I would like to check this one out still.

Judgement: Keep



counterfeitsonCounterfeit Son By Elaine Marie Alphin

So a while back on Twitter someone was trying to figure out what the name of a book was. It sounded interesting and when they found out the name I added it on my TBR. Now going through my TBR, I really just don’t have any interest in this one anymore.

Judgement: Go



Ten Blind Dates By Ashley Elston

So right now this book doesn’t have much about it. It  has no cover and no real summary. I am a big fan of Ashley Elston. I have only read thrillers by her. I think this one sounds a lot of fun and I’m excited for more details about it.

Judgement: Keep

TBR Start Number: 475
Number of Books Kept: 7 Books
Number of Books Gotten Rid of: 3 Books
Current Number on TBR: 472

Have you guys read any of these books? I would love to hear your thoughts if you had.


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