Down The TBR Hole #72

Hey guys! It’s time for another Down The TBR Hole which was created by Lia @Lost In A Story! I can’t believe this is going to be my second to last post. It’s been so fun doing this over the last 2 years. It took me way longer than it should of but I am fine with that. I will miss doing this every week. Maybe sometime in the future I will come back to this. Anyway, let’s dive in!

Head GamesHead Games By Joe Hill, and Gabriel Rodriguez (Artist)

So I read the first Locke and Key in October for Spookathon and really enjoyed it. So of course I added the second one to my TBR. I own the whole series. I want to aim to read the rest of the series during October.

Judgement: Keep



Jane DoeJane Doe By Victoria Helen Stone

So I think was one of the goodread choice awards. Then I saw the reviews my friends were giving it on goodreads and I had to check it out. I’m a huge thriller fan. Plus this book is under 300 pages so I feel it will be a rather quick read.

Judgement: Keep



The Starless SeaThe Starless Sea By Erin Morgenstern

Well it’s been a long time since Erin came out with a new book. I really enjoyed her book The Night Circus. I feel a reread coming soon. I am super excited to find out more about this one.

Judgement: Keep



This Mortal CoilThis Mortal Coil By Emily Suvada

Okay so I put this on my TBR because Becca, Taylor and Kal were raving about this book. I heard nothing but great things about it from them. So I couldn’t help but add it to my TBR. I don’t know too much about it but these girls have amazing taste and I trust their opinion.

Judgement: Keep



Kingdom of Ash and BriarsKingdom of Ash By and Briars By Hannah West

So right away I was blown away by the cover of this book. That’s what really drew me in. Plus it’s suppose to be like a lot of the fairytales I like so I want to give it a chance. It seems super promising.

Judgement: Keep



DryDry By Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman

So Dry was a book I attempted to read in December. However I found myself zoning out on a lot of the information being told to me since I listened on audio. I did really like the story so I wanted to give it another chance. It currently is on my TBR for April so hoping to pick it up soon.

Judgement: Keep



Guardian of the AurasGuardian of the Auras By Victorica Moschou

So when I heard the lovely Victorica was writing a book I was super excited. I met Victorica from the Ace of Shades Shadow Gang I was in. So of course I wanna support a friend. Excited to read this! Also love the cover so much.

Judgement: Keep



The Strange Case of the Alchemist DaughterThe Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter By Theodora Goss

I’ve learned I like historical fiction books when they have a mystery element to them. I feel this is a book I can see myself really enjoying. I can’t wait to check this out.

Judgement: Keep



one day in decemberOne Day in December By Josie Silver

So I found out about this book towards the end of last year. I wanted to read it in December but I didn’t have time. I would like to read this at some point in December this year.

Judgement: Keep




The Toll By Neal Shusterman

I need this book in my life asap. You bet I will be reading Scythe and Thunderhead again before this book comes out. I am so happy that we will be getting it sometime this year. I really can’t wait for it.

Judgement: Keep

TBR Start Number: 436
Number of Books Kept: 10 Books
Number of Books Gotten Rid of: 0 Books
Current Number on TBR: 436

Have you guys read any of these books? I would love to hear your thoughts if you had.

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6 thoughts on “Down The TBR Hole #72

  1. The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter is really good! I enjoyed it so much when I read it a few months back. Hope that you’ll end up enjoying it as well 🙂

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