October Movie Wrap-up

Hey guys! So I am bummed to say I didn’t end up watching that many movies in October. I really wanted to watch some spooky ones but I just didn’t end up getting around to it. I did only end up watching 2 movies last month. One was a new movie I never saw before the other was a movie I had seen before. So let’s dive in and see what I ended up watching in October!

El CaminoEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Directed By Vince Gilligan

Genre: Action, Drama
Runtime: 122 mins
Released: October 11th 2019
Rating: TV-MA

Plot: A sequel, of sorts, to Breaking Bad following Jesse Pinkman after the events captured in the finale of Breaking Bad. Jesse is now on the run, as a massive police manhunt for him is in operation. 

My Thoughts: So if you guys don’t know I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad. It is hands down one of my favorite tv shows. So the moment I heard there was going to be a movie I was ecstatic. I ended up really enjoying this. You get to see what happened to Jesse after the show’s finale as well as unseen footage of him when he was held hostage by Todd’s uncle. So I really liked how they went back and forth with the scenes to keep you in suspense for what will happen in the end to Jesse. It was just so well done and just great to see characters you haven’t seen in a while. You get to see characters that don’t or maybe haven’t appeared yet in Better Call Saul so that was nice. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and am so thankful this was made.

Hocus PocusHocus Pocus Directed By Kenny Ortega

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Runtime: 96 mins
Released: July 16th 1993
Rating: PG

Plot: A curious youngster moves to Salem, where he struggles to fit in before awakening a trio of diabolical witches that were executed in the 17th century. 

My Thoughts: So this is a movie I have seen a bunch of times before. It’s one of my favorite Halloween movies. I decided I wanted to watch it on Halloween to get myself in the spirit of the holiday. This year I didn’t do anything for Halloween like I normally do so I was bummed about that. I have to say I still really enjoyed this movie as I did when I was a kid. I feel it has some adult themes that I didn’t pick up until watching it this time around. I was actually a bit surprised since this is such a kid friendly movie. I mean when I was a kid I didn’t know what a virgin was and they bring it up a few times how one of the main characters is. So I found that to be a bit interesting. I want to try to make it a tradition to watch this each year for Halloween. I hope to remember to watch it again next year.

What movies did you guys see in October? Any movies you recommend I watch? Have you seen any of the movies I listed? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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