Blogmas Day 20: Reflecting on My 2019 Goals

Hey guys! So last year I made a post where I reflected on my 2018 goals. I really enjoyed that a lot so I decided to do that for 2019. I know the year isn’t officially over yet but I know once Blogmas ends, I will probably take a little blog break. It’s been so fun doing this but it does take a toll on you. I am just happy to have participated and actually kept up with posting for as long as I have. I honestly don’t know how people do this all the time. I did find it tough at times. It still is a fun experience and I hope to do it again next year! So let’s dive in and talk about the goals I made and if I completed them.

1. Read 50 Books

2. Blog Hop More

3. Read All My Netgalley E-arcs

4. Socialize More

5. Read More Of The Books I Own

6. Read More Genres

7. Use Instagram More

8. Blog At Least Once A Month

9. Aim To Attend Either Book Expo or Book Con

My Reflections

1. I did end up reading 50 books. I am currently have read 62 books. I am reading 2 books right now which I hope to finish by the end of this year. I feel this year was a bit more slumpy for me so I am glad my goal was for only 50. I probably will aim for 50 again next year.

2. Sadly I didn’t do this as much as I’d liked to. I always say I’m going to blog hop but then I get so tired real quick. I also will keep tabs open and then close it cause I have too many open. I know there is a site where you can save all the ones you want to read. I can’t think of it right now but need to ask a friend so I can do that in 2020.

3. HAHA I shouldn’t have made this a goal. I can’t believe I really thought I’d read all my Netgalley e-arcs. I still have 10 e-arcs I need to read. Only one is a release that comes out next year. So I really need to get cracking.

4. I feel like I have socalized more and tried talking to new people. So I am very happy about that. I’ve made some new friends on here this year. I am very thankful for you all. I want to continue making more friends and getting closer with the people I already am friends with. Always feel free to message me!

5. I feel like I read a good amount of books I owned. I also stopped buying books so that helped too. I am trying to get rid of my books that I know I won’t read again or don’t like. So clearing out space. I do plan to read more of my owned books in 2020.

6. I feel I ventured out a little to new genres. I would say I found some books I enjoyed a lot in genres I don’t normally read so that’s a plus. I want to read more of different genres in 2020.

7. So I feel I used instagram more but on my regular account and not my bookstagram account. So I’m going to say this ended up failing. I was saying how I’d like to try again in 2020. I think if in 2020 I don’t post a lot, I’m going to delete the other account. I kinda forget it exists a lot of the time. So we shall see.

8. Yes I am happy to say I did blog every month. I think I will probably make this a goal again in 2020. I did like blogging every week but sometimes it takes a toll on me. If I feel myself going into a slump, I want to let it come and go and not worry about how all the numbers are.

9. So I did not attend Book Expo or Book Con. A part of me really wanted to but then I decided against it cause I was doing a race that weekend. I didn’t want to be tired for it so I decided not to bother. I might go next year if I have friends going but if not I probably will pass.

Overall I am happy with my goals. I did complete most of them. I feel the made goal I’m disappointed in not making is blog hopping more. I need to get better at that. So many of you support me and I really need to support you back. So I hope to do that in the next year.

What were some of your goals on 2019? Did you complete them? If you have any posts on the topic make sure to share them with me!

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