Blogmas Day 23: Movies I Didn’t Get To In 2019

Hey, Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. I feel overall this year I’ve been good about seeing movies I really want to see. However sometimes things get busy and I don’t end up seeing everything. So there are a couple of movies I ended up missing. Some I just haven’t have time to watch, some I missed when they were in theater, and others I tried watching it just wouldn’t work. So things happen. I know there is still some time left but honestly I’m very busy the next couple of days. Majority of movies I will be watching will mostly be Christmas movies. Anyway let’s dive in and see what movies I wanted to watch but didn’t get to.

ParasiteParasite Directed By Bong Joon Ho

JokerJoker Directed By Todd Phillips

The IrishmanThe Irishman Directed By Martin Scorsese

Chasing HappinessChasing Happiness Directed By John Taylor

Brittany Runs A MarathonBrittany Runs a Marathon Directed By Paul Downs Colaizzo

Marriage StoryMarriage Story Directed By Noah Baumbach

Alita Battle AngelAlita: Battle Angel Directed Robert Rodriguez

So here is my list of movies. I feel I can get to these in 2020. There are a good amount I really want to watch. Some of these are on Netflix and Amazon so they are easy for me to access. So hopefully I get to them soon.

Have you guys watched any of these movies, if so what did you think? What are some movies you missed in 2019?

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