Arc Review: The Crow Rider By Kalyn Josephson

The Crow RiderThe Crow Rider (The ​Storm Crow #2) By Kalyn Josephson

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, LGBT
Pages: 368 pages
Publication Date: July 7th 2020
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Synopsis: The thrilling conclusion to the epic Storm Crow duology that follows a fallen princess as she tries to bring back the magical elemental crows taken from her people.

Thia, her allies, and her crow, Res, are planning a rebellion to defeat Queen Razel and Illucia once and for all. Thia must convince the neighboring kingdoms to come to her aid, and Res’ show of strength is the only thing that can help her.

But so many obstacles stand in her way. Res excels at his training, until he loses control of his magic, harming Thia in the process. She is also pursued by Prince Ericen, heir to the Illucian throne and the one person she can’t trust but can’t seem to stay away from.

As the rebel group prepares for war, Res’ magic grows more unstable. Thia has to decide if she can rely on herself and their bond enough to lead the rebellion and become the crow rider she was meant to be.

My Thoughts: The moment I saw The Crow Rider on Netgalley, I knew I had to try and request an e-arc of it. I had really enjoyed The Storm Crow when I read it so I couldn’t wait to immerse myself back into that world again. So I was excited when Kal @Reader Voracious asked me to buddy read this with her since we read the first one together. I am sad to say this one didn’t do it for me like the first one.

I think my main problem is a lot of the information from the last book I didn’t remember. I feel the author assumes that you remember what has happened in the last book. I was completely lost. I didn’t remember who a lot of the characters were and what their relationship to Thia was. So a lot of the time I found myself guessing a lot of the time. I feel like after a while and reading about the characters for multiple chapters I assumed I was right but still wasn’t 100% sure. I did find out later after finishing the book that there was a guide to the different cities mentioned in the book. I wish I knew that while reading because that would have helped me so much and probably would have increased my reading experience. I feel possibly would have helped to have that in the front of the book in this case.

It took me about 50% to get into this book. I do have to say the one thing that does not disappoint was the action. I felt like this was a very action packed book. However with that being the case I feel it didn’t do justice to the characters. I just didn’t feel as connected to them as I should of. I am sure a part of the reason has to do with me blanking on who they were and why they were important but I was sad about that. I remember really enjoying getting to know them in the first book.

Overall, this didn’t do it for me like I thought it would. I do wish I ended up rereading this story in preparation for this book. I feel that might have given me more enjoyment out of it. So if you do plan on reading this I really would highly recommend that especially if your memory is flaking on what happened. I think you probably will end up having a better reading experience than I did. I would like to in the future give this book another chance. I do feel it really deserves that with how much I liked the first one.

*I would just like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a free e-arc of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.*

Have you guys read this book? If so did you end up enjoying it? If not are you planning to pick it up? I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Arc Review: The Crow Rider By Kalyn Josephson

  1. 1) I am so sorry that I’m the worst buddy read partner. I STILL haven’t finished the book!

    2) I am sorry you didn’t enjoy this as much as the first one. Re-reading TSC may have helped as the book doesn’t recap it too well, but I remember having some weird character tension that felt… off?? until it was a plot point and I was like “wow ok that was intentional”:

    3) ily!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Kal no need to be sorry at all. Honestly no rush at all. I do look forward to hearing what you think when you finish.

      Yeah I feel a back to back read would help. I loved the first one and then coming into this one I was so confused. I remember you mentioning that. I definitely need to reread.

      Love you too Kal!! ❤


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