Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies

Hey guys!!! It’s time again for another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.This week’s theme is Books that Should be Adapted into Netflix Shows/Movies (submitted by Nushu @ Not A Prima Donna Girl). I haven’t done a Top Ten Tuesday in so long. I saw my lovely friend Destiny @ Howling Libraries, talking about how she hasn’t done one in so long. Then I realized since I just recently started blogging it had also been a while. I saw the topic for this week and was sold! So let’s dive in!

The Falling In Love Montage1. The Falling In Love Montage By Ciara Smyth

I’m such a sucker for romantic comedies. This is a YA contemporary set around two girls reenacting rom-coms. It is a bit hard hitting but I do love a good cry every once in a while. So I can see this being a cute movie that gives me all different types of feels.




Rules for Vanishing2. Rules For Vanishing By Kate Alice Marshall

So unfortunately I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. I do feel this would be great visually. The author writes descriptions of photos taken and videos captured. A lot of the time I just wish I could have seen everything play out instead of reading about it. I feel it would translate well into a movie or tv show.



With the Fire on High3. With the Fire On High By Elizabeth Acevedo

Honestly I would take any Elizabeth Acevedo book into a movie or tv show. I just picked this one because it has to do with food. I can just imagine how fun it would be to see Emoni come to life. I just want to see her work her magic in person. This really needs to happen and am sad it hasn’t yet.




Pumpkinheads4. Pumpkinheads By Rainbow Rowell, Faith Erin Hicks  (Illustrator)

When I read this last year this just gave me all the fall feels. I was extremely jealous that a place like this did not exist by me. I also was sad I probably will never experience a pumpkin bomb (I think that’s what I was feening for). I can just see this being such a cute fall movie that is just a feel good time.



Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge5. The Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge By Paul Krueger

After I read this I am pretty sure I said in my review of this that I wished it would be turned into a movie. I mean using alcohol that is magical. I mean sign me up. I just feel like this would be such a badass movie.




Scythe6. Scythe (Arc of Scythe Series) By Neal Shusterman

I am currently rereading Scythe right now to finally read The Toll. I would love to see this book turned into a tv show. I would flip out. I just really want to see all these characters come to life. This would definitely be on the darker side of TV but I’d so be down for that.




Warcross7. Warcross By Marie Lu

So I just reread my review for this and I mentioned how I thought this would make an awesome movie. It was such an action-packed book. I felt there was never a dull moment. Plus the main character is so vibrant with her hair. I feel if this was well done it would be awesome and just so much fun.



Fragments of The Lost8. Fragments of the Lost By Megan Miranda

I read this a while ago but I do remember how interesting it was. The story is told through different objects. So you’re trying to figure out the mystery as the main character talks about how the objects relate to her ex-boyfriend as she tries to figure out what happened to him. I feel it’s very unique. I could see this being a very interesting mystery movie.



Geekerella9. Geekerella By Ashley Poston

I think this would be such a cute romantic comedy. It’s basically just super fluff and I am okay with that. Sometimes you need just a super fluffy romantic movie to make you happy. Plus I can see this being a big hit since it is a popular YA book. This needs to happen.




Stalking Jack the Ripper10. Stalking Jack The Ripper (Stalking Jack The Ripper Series) By Kerri Maniscalco

I had to put this on the list because I would love to see a real life Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell. This is something I just need in my life. I could see this being a TV show because there are four books in the series. So they could have each season relate to the different books. Plus it’s be dark and just kick ass. I mean if you’ve read this series I’m sure you thought about this as well.



I had so much fun doing this post. It was hard to pick just 10 but I did my best. I really would love to see all of these turned into movies and tv shows. I think that would be so awesome.

Have you read any of the books I picked, if so do you agree? What books would you like to see turned into movies or a tv show? If you did this post I would love to read yours.

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