Arc Review: It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Thrillers

It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Thrillers by Joshua Viola (Goodreads Author) (Editor, Contributor), Warren Hammond (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Angie Hodapp (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Alvaro Zinos-Amaro (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Dayton Ward (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Kevin Dilmore (Contributor), Betty Rocksteady (Contributor), Keith Ferrell (Contributor), Gary Jonas (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Mario Acevedo (Contributor), Orrin Grey (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Sean Eads (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), K. Nicole Davis (Contributor), Stephen Graham Jones (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Steve Rasnic Tem (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Kevin J. Anderson (Goodreads Author) (Contributor), Paul Campion (Introduction), Jeanni Smith (Foreward), Bret Smith (Foreward)

Genre: Horror, Short Stories, Anthologies, Fiction
Pages: 316 pages
Publication Date: September 15th 2020
Publisher: Hex Publishers

Plot: Welcome to tonight’s feature presentation, brought to you by an unholy alliance of our spellcasters at Hex Publishers and movie-mages at the Colorado Festival of Horror. Please be advised that all emergency exits have been locked for this special nostalgia-curdled premiere of death. From crinkling celluloid to ferocious flesh—from the silver screen to your hammering heart—behold as a swarm of werewolves, serial killers, Satanists, Elder Gods, aliens, ghosts, and unclassifiable monsters are loosed upon your auditorium. Relax, and allow our ushers to help with your buckets of popcorn—and blood; your ticket stubs—and severed limbs; your comfort candy—and body bags. Kick back and scream as you settle into a fate worse than Hell. Tonight’s director’s cut is guaranteed to slash you apart.

Edited by Joshua Viola
Produced in collaboration with the Colorado Festival of Horror
Cover art by AJ Nazzaro and Joshua Viola
Story art by Xander Smith
Header art by Aaron Lovett

By Betty Rocksteady, THE CRONENBERG CONCERTO By Keith Ferrell, CREATURE FEATURE By Gary Jonas, INVISIBLE By Mario Acevedo, SCREEN HAUNT By Orrin Grey, THE DEVIL’S REEL By Sean Eads and Joshua Viola, ON THE ROCKS By K. Nicole Davis, COMING ATTRACTIONS By Stephen Graham Jones, LATE SLEEPERS By Steve Rasnic Tem and SPECIAL MAKEUP By Kevin J. Anderson

My Thoughts: The moment I saw It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Chillers, I was interested. I mean just from that cover alone how could I not want to check it out. Plus I have been on such a nostalgic kick lately. It’s been about 2 months but I did pick up a book that was set in the 90s which I enjoyed a lot. I mean I may not be super familiar with the 80s but I like watching the old 80s movies. This anthology is based around movies so I was excited for that. Overall I have to say this was an enjoyable experience. There were some really good stories which I enjoyed a lot. Some I could have read a full book on the story. Others fell flat for me and I just didn’t find as enjoyable. Since this is a short story collection, I decided to write little comments on each story. That way it’s easier for me to remember the story. I am sorry some of these are vague. I didn’t want to keep too much away to spoil the story for you. I do have to say after reading this I will definitely be checking out other works by some of these authors.

Alien Parasites From Outer Space By Warren Hammond

Okay so damn was not expecting things to go that way but it’s a horror anthology so shouldn’t be surprised. Honestly such a fun short story that takes place at a drive-in. I thought the ending would be different but once again horror anthology. The next story continues the story on so excited for that.

Return of The Alien Parasites From Outer Space By Angie Hodapp

Well that was the second part and I’m guessing final part to the first story. I really enjoyed it. It’s fun seeing characters who don’t like eachother work together. I loved how they used their environment to help their situation. I could see this being a novella because I wanted more.

Negative Creep By Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

So wasn’t a big fan of this story unfortunately. I honestly wasn’t really sure what exactly was going on. So I think that is why I didn’t enjoy it as the other ones.

Helluloid By Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Okay so it’s probably just me but this gave me some Phantom and the Megaplex vibes. They are different since this deals with ghosts. I just was reminded of that movie. Anyway I enjoyed this one. I learned never do a seance right before work is about to start. I also was confused by who was who since it’s so short. I did wish it was longer.

Rise, Ye Vermin! By Betty Rocksteady

This is another story that I wasn’t 100% sure what was going on. I do know this one involves bugs which grosses me out lol. I honestly would love another story involving Jenn and Christi. We got to learn a little about them and I honestly would love more of their romance and what they’ve dealt with and what’s to come.

The Cronenberg Concerto By Keith Ferrell

So this was probably my least favorite story so far. I just felt like it dragged on too much and there was nothing really creepy about it. The character would do these rituals but they weren’t really explained. Towards the end it basically mentions the things he has done but it kinda was just added in real quick.

Creature Feature By Gary Jonas*

I think this was my favorite so far. I felt like it was perfectly paced for a short story. It didn’t drag on. I also was very entertained by it. I also found it pretty funny. I would read more from this author.

Invisible By Mario Acevedo*

Okay but damn this was another one I really ended up enjoying. It creeped me out. I want to say more about this one but I feel want I have to say is a bit of a spoiler. But let’s just say it reminds me of a certain tv show. If I say what show it gives away the ending and that part was really good!

Screen Haunt By Orrin Grey

I feel for this one it could have been longer. I do think it’s an interesting concept especially creating a movie and then it’s come to life right in front of you. However I guess I just wanted more to it but I get that leaves more mystery to things.

The Devil’s Reel By Sean Eads and Joshua Viola

Eh I have to say once again I wasn’t really a huge fan of this one. It just wasn’t for me. I read it but just didn’t really pay full attention because I wasn’t invested in it.

On The Rocks By K. Nicole Davis

So this story just flew by. I enjoy that it had to do with werewolves. So far there haven’t been any werewolf stories. I do wish the end scene ended up lasting a little longer. I was getting into it and before I knew it the story just ended.

Coming Attractions By Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is the only author in this short story collection that I have actually read from before. I enjoyed this one. I like that he gave us some backstory first. Then we get into the present with the kids following up on the story in the present. Then everything is explained and wrapped up. It was enjoyable

Late Sleepers By Steve Rasnic Tem

This was another story that I thought was just okay. I’m honestly a bit confused by it. I don’t really fully understand what happened in this story.

Special Makeup By Kevin J. Anderson*

So I feel from the title alone you have an idea what this story was going to be about. I ended up enjoying this one. It was fun that this story takes place on a film set. Even though I pretty much knew what was going to happen it ended up being such a fun read. Even had a little laugh at the end of the story

*I just want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for me honest opinion*

(*- means they were my favorite stories)

This Anthology collection was really enjoyable. It gave me such a nostalgic feel. Plus with how everything is it really had me missing movie theaters. I really can’t wait to go back to the movies. During the meantime I will continue to watch a ton of movies from the comfort of my own home.

Have you guys read this anthology collection? If not are you planning on picking it up? I would love to hear from you guys!


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