Blogmas Day 5: Five Things I Want For Christmas

Hey guys! I have been doing Blogmas for 5 days now. I decided to do something a bit Christmassy today. I decided since it’s the 5th day of the week I’d do five things I want for Christmas. I think I might do a Christmas Gift Guide next week. I always love gift shopping for people. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays.

1. Shoes

So I’m not really huge into buying shoes. I don’t buy shoes too often. However this year I realized I need to replace some of the shoes I own. I also really need rainboots. I don’t own any and every time it rains my feet are always so soaked. I randomly have to go out to do errands for work, so it sucks having wet feet the whole day.

2. Clothing

I ended up putting a bit of clothing on my wish list this year. I live in NY. It gets really cold here during the winter. So I was looking for some more sweaters. I also just feel they’re so comfy. I want to be as comfy as possible.

3. Schitt’s Creek Coloring Book

Well at the beginning of November I really needed a nice distraction. It turns out Schitt’s Creek was the perfect one. It gave me all the feels and kept my mind off everything that was happening. A friend mentioned she likes to listen to audiobooks and do coloring books. Okay that’s perfect! So I thought a Schitt’s Creek coloring book would be so fun.

4. Mysterium Park

One thing I haven’t really talked about but I am really into board games. Greg and I are currently playing Pandemic Legacy Season 2. I’m also into theme parks. Mysterium is a game I have had my eye on. I played on my phone a bit. So the moment I saw they created a new theme and it was theme park related I was sold.

5. Yeti Rambler

I have been in need of a new water bottle. My current water doesn’t keep my water cold. It gets warm pretty quickly. I like my water nice and cold. I do know a lot of people love the yeti cooler so I figured a yeti water bottle would work just as well.

Well those are the top five things I want for Christmas this year. I do really hope I get some new shoes because I could really use them. I feel that is something I need to be more on top of getting in the future. I should probably always have rainboots around. I seem to always end up stepping in puddles even when trying to avoid them. 

What are some gifts you want for Christmas? I would love to hear what you’re asking Santa for. 



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