Blogmas Day 10: Gift Giving Guide

Hey guys! So today I am coming to you with a Gift Giving Guide. Now I’m not an expert on this topic. I even sometimes find myself struggling for certain people in my life. I thought I would just try to help anyone who is finding themselves stuck. If this just helps at least one person I’ll be happy. I do know Christmas is fast approaching and there is still a bit of time to do your Christmas shopping so figured I could give some last minute ideas. So let’s dive in!


Okay I feel cheesy putting this as the first item but this is a book blog after all. I know not everyone is as big into reading as all of us. So there will be other things. Whenever I’m buying someone a book I like to think of what they like to read. Maybe since they’re not as big into they missed some popular releases in their favorite genre. They might have even missed a new release from their favorite author. These things happen. Sometimes I’ll gift a book I really enjoyed that I think they might too.


I feel 2020 is the year for comfy clothing to thrive. I probably own more comfy clothes than regular clothes and that’s fine. This year is about staying in and not really going out. I like buying people comfy sweaters and some nice lounge pants. I feel you can’t go wrong with getting someone a nice pajama set. Also comfy socks. I am a huge fan of comfy socks especially because it can get so cold where I live. I also find myself buying pop culture clothing items for my boyfriend a lot. So if you know someone who likes graphic tees I say go for.

Board Games

Over the past couple of years I have been getting into board games. I have quickly learned there are so many amazing games out. I feel you can’t go wrong with it. There are so many games out there that appeal to people of different interests. I feel like the options are endless. Plus now with Youtube, you can find people reviewing the game and teaching you how to play. It makes things a lot easier. I always feel like a good option is a fun party game. There are endless amounts out there.

Fitness Gear

Maybe the person you’re buying for is really into fitness. There are so many great options out there. You could buy the person a nice water bottle. There is a fanny pack that holds your gear. Maybe if they go to the gym a lot get them a gym bag. There are so many different items you could get the person depending on what time of fitness they are into.


Now I know makeup can be a bit pricey at times and not everyone wears makeup. So I do get that. I always feel makeup is such a nice gift for someone who you know will use it. Makeup companies release so many different things all throughout the year. So it’s hard to keep track and expensive to keep up. I always like trying to find things I’ll think the person will like that they haven’t bought yet. I feel Christmas can be such a great time because makeup companies come out with cute gift sets. They usually give you a couple different items from the brand. I feel it’s a great way to test out the brand or products you’ve been wanting to. There also are some great makeup companies that aren’t expensive so you can buy a bit more than just one item. There are so many different makeup items to buy it’s always fun just searching for items.


I feel you can never go wrong with candles. There are so many places to buy candles. I feel the options are endless with this one. I always try to find fun Christmassy smells for people during the holidays. Sometimes you can find a nice gift set that comes with a candle holder and candles. I have also seen fun candles that go with different fandoms. So if the person you know really likes a certain book, movie, tv show or something similar there might be a candle dedicated to that. There are so many choices.


Ever since I turned 21, I’ve always enjoyed giving someone a nice bottle of booze. There are so many choices out there. I don’t know a lot about alcohol but I do try to go off what people like. I do find myself asking the people in the store for choices since I don’t know much. Plus you can have the people at the store wrap it for you. There are also cute things you can put on the bottle to make it look pretty and Christmassy. So you can definitely dress it up.

Fandom Item

Now I kind of said earlier but there are so many fandoms out there. I feel nowadays with the internet you can find other people who like the same fandoms as you. This also means people probably will be selling items of that fandom. Etsy is a great place to start. They have millions of items from a ton of amazing sellers so you’re bound to find something.

Gift Sets/Gift Baskets

I kind of mentioned gift sets earlier when it came to makeup. There are so many different gift sets and gift baskets out there. It’s easy to find something for someone you’re unsure of what to get. They have nice gift sets for perfume, skincare, booze, socks, and so many other items. That’s the same with gift baskets. I feel gift baskets can be good for multiple people because they have a bit of everything in them. So you’re bound to find something that works for maybe a couple or even a family. You may end up having to spend a bit more with a gift basket but you can check off multiple people with that.

Well there you have my Gift Giving Guide. I do hope I ended up helping out someone during this Christmas season. Hopefully there was an item you didn’t think or or kind of just forgot about. I know I always randomly stumble upon items that I wish I thought of sooner. I know there are plenty of other things these were just some of the first ones to come to my mind. 

What are some of your favorite gifts to give to people? I would love to have more options. 


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