Blogmas Day 21: Disappointing Movies I Watched in 2020

Hey guys! The other day I talked about my disappointing reads of 2020 so I figured I would talk about movies today. This year I have watched a lot of movies. I’ve had a lot of free time with everything going on. I like watching movies because they distract me which was much needed this year. I figured I would talk about movies I really wanted to watch but didn’t end up enjoying. So let’s dive in!

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Directed By Michael Fimognari

Last year I ended up watching the first movie and overall found it enjoyable. It was a cute romantic movie. I was excited to see how the next one was going to be. However I just wasn’t a fan of this one. I felt like Lara Jean and Peter just had no chemistry together. I liked them better than when they were pretend dating. I felt like real dating did not suit them. I probably will watch the third one and I do hope it’s better than this one.

The Princess and the Frog Directed By Ron Clements and John Musker

I was super excited that Disney ended up making a movie of a character from New Orleans. I am a huge fan of Nola. I was excited to see what they were going to do. Well you can imagine how disappointed I was that majority of the movie the characters were frogs. They also spent a lot of the time in the swamp. So it wasn’t what I was excepting at all. Pretty disappointing.

The Lobster Directed Yorgos Lanthimos

I had heard really good things about The Lobster. So I finally decided to watch this one. I was interested in the beginning of the movie. Then it just ended up dragging on. I wasn’t a fan of the second half of the movie. I just feel if things ended up playing out differently I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Brittany Runs a Marathon Directed Paul Downs Colaizzo

Since I am a runner I had been looking forward to watching this. I had heard from other runners they felt inspired by this movie. I did not feel inspired. I didn’t like who Brittany was. I didn’t think she was a good person. I also didn’t like how we see her train for the marathon. She gets injured. Then she decides to run another marathon but we don’t see her train for that one. I just didn’t end up enjoying it.

Bottle Rocket Directed By Wes Anderson

This year I finished watching all the Wes Anderson movies I haven’t seen yet. I think this is my least favorite one. I think it probably has to do with this being his first film. I wasn’t didn’t really care for the plot. He didn’t has his style developed yet. So I think that’s the main reasons I didn’t really enjoy it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Directed By Stephen Chbosky

It has been a while since I had read The Perks of Being a Wallflower book. I honestly don’t really remember it. I’m not sure what made me watch it. I just didn’t enjoy this movie. I also didn’t realize that Stephen Chbosky directed and write it. I do remember liking the book but maybe my tastes have changed. I do want to reread the book now to see how I feel about it.

The Big Lebowski Directed By Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

I have been wanting to watch The Big Lebowski for years now. I think a couple years ago Greg and I started it but had to turn it off. Then we never watched it again. I have to say I was disappointed in this one. It has been hyped up. I know it’s a cult classic. I just didn’t find it as funny as other people did. I barely remember what I watched tbh.

Bill & Tedd Face the Music Directed By Dean Parisot

I enjoyed the Bill & Tedd movies. So was excited to see them doing another movie a couple of years later from the second one. However I just felt it didn’t have that Bill & Tedd charm that the other ones did. I also feel it has to do with the actors being older. I just felt like Bill & Tedd never really fought with each other. He they got into fights and just weren’t the same. I just felt things felt pointless. It was one of those situations where should have just stuck with the two movies.

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Directed Chris Columbus

Last year I watched The Christmas Chronicle and ended up enjoying it. It was a fun action packed Christmas movie. So I was looking forward to seeing what the sequel was about. I honestly was so bored. I don’t think we ended up making a hour into it but ended up turning it off. It was just nothing had happened. I feel everything was being explained to us. Nothing was being shown. I wanted more action like the first movie. I have zero interest in finishing the movie.

I am so bummed about some of these movies that ended up making it on this list. I was really looking forward to watching all these. I know I’m not going to enjoy every movie I watch. I just thought these were going to be really good. I had high hopes. I can’t wait to show you my favorites of 2020. I feel it might be hard to pick since I watched so many movies. 

Have you seen any of these movies I mentioned? If so what did you think of them? I do hope you ended up enjoying them more than me. Also what are some disappointing movies you watched this year?

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