Blogmas Day 5: Books I DNF’d

Hey guys! Today I am talking about the books I dnf’d this year. I’m once again surprised it isn’t too many books. I feel this year I stuck it out with a lot of books even though I wasn’t fully enjoying them. This is surprising to me because I have no problem dnfing a book. I think because I fell behind with reading in the beginning of the year I felt I needed to catch up so I stuck it out. Anyway, let’s dive in and see what books I dnf’d.

The Roommate By Rosie Danan

This was the first book I dnf’d in January. I have to say that feels like a lifetime ago. So this one is a bit fuzzy for me. I do have to say this wasn’t on my radar until I kept hearing about it. The story seemed interesting so I decided to pick it up. I wasn’t sure if maybe I didn’t like the main character but I just couldn’t get into this one. I remember listening to it and just being very uninterested in the story. It just wasn’t do anything for me.

No One Asked For This: Eassys By Cazzie David

I picked this up on Netgalley. I mainly picked it up because it was by Larry David’s daughter. I guess I was expecting her to bring up stuff about her Dad. However I found this book to be very sad. There were things going on in my life that made reading this upsetting. It had a very sad vibe and I just couldn’t listen to that. Plus after a while I just realized I didn’t care about what was being talked about in the book. So I just ended up dnfing it because of those reasons.

Slingshot By Mercedes Helnwein

I picked up this book solely based off the cover. I thought it looked really cute. Plus I was in the mood for a cute ya contemporary. However right away we start the book off with the main character having a huge crush on her teacher. It’s to the point where I found it very cringey. She ends up finding out that he’s engaged and she flips out on him. I get having a crush on your teacher but that’s extreme. I also wasn’t a fan the way she would talk to her roommate. It felt unnatural. I said on goodreads that it felt like an adult was writing for a teenager which is the case here.

Yearbook By Seth Rogen

I’m not sure what I was excepting with this one. I use to be a fan of Seth Rogen. I liked a lot of the movies he done. I was hoping this would have fun stories about celebrity encounters and things like that. He might have talked about that but I didn’t get too far. I just found some of the things he said to be annoying. I have forgotten how annoying he’s gotten throughout the last couple of years. He says a lot of stupid shit and I knew more was going to pop up. I kept rolling my eyes at certain things. So I knew that would be me for a good portion of this book so I just gave up.

Ten By Gretchen McNeil

This book’s description was giving off major And Then There Were None vibes. That is one of my favorite books so I knew I had to check it out. Honestly right from the start I wasn’t feeling the friendship from the two main characters. They were best friends but not good best friends. I hate reading about crappy friendships. It always just annoys me. Plus I feel I didn’t fully grasp who was who. I was going to stick it out but then I decided I didn’t care enough to.

Well those are the books I ended up dnfing this year. I only was really looking forward to Ten. I had been wanting to read that for a while. The other ones were ones I picked up at random. I always feel bad dnfing a book but I rather be read something I enjoy then something I feel like I’m forcing to read.

What are some books you DNF’d this year?

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3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: Books I DNF’d

  1. I’ve DNF a lot of books this year… hell I even think broke my record from last year! Lol
    The books that I literally regret not finishing were The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict (it’s good but drags!) and A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St Clair. They were both on Kindle Unlimited but have sense taken off and it has put a damper on my mind lately!


  2. I DNFed a lot more books this year than in the past – I even DNF-ed a lot of books at like 75-80%! Life is too short for books you aren’t loving, so I’m letting myself be ok with DNF-ing books more often! I’ve been DNF-ing at least 1 book at month lol~


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