Blogmas Day 8: Try A Chapter #5

Hey guys!! I am doing Try A Chapter again for December. I haven’t decided if I’ll be doing it for the whole month or just until Christmas. I think I might do it up until Christmas but I will see. If things are too busy I probably won’t continue doing it. I know last year I did this up until December 30th. So let’s dive in to see what chapters I read through this week.

Day 1

The Project By Courtney Summers

I have to say this one didn’t really grab me like I was hoping it would. It was only the prologue. Every time I do this I always wonder if I should read the prologue and the first chapter. I just felt like that was cheating since technically the prologue is the first chapter of the book. Anyway I reread the summary of the book and I was very interested in the story. So I think I’m going to still pick it up. I do know this one has some mixed reviews so curious to see what I’ll think.

Day 2

The Bones of Ruin By Sarah Raughley

I have to say I wasn’t really hooked on this one. This one didn’t grab my attention at all. I wasn’t too sure what was going on in this first chapter. It didn’t hold my interest. It’s a shame because I really liked the cover for this book. I don’t think I will be picking it.

Day 3

As If on Cue By Marisa Kanter

I definitely liked this chapter the most so far out of the three I’ve read. I feel this is going to turn out to be a cute enemies to lovers romance. Plus it has to do with theater as well which I’m into. I know this is a book I will be picking up. I have been needing a cute contemporary read. I probably will pick this up sometime next year.

Day 4

Last Girl Ghosted By Lisa Unger

So I wasn’t sure what book to read for this day. Mine you I have a ton of books on my shelf I need to read. I did a random number generator and this book was booked. I really enjoy Lisa Unger’s books so I was excited this was picked. I have to say I enjoyed the prologue. It left me wanting more. I’ve been needing a good thriller that draws me in right from the start. I’m glad to say this did that. So I can’t wait to get to this. It’s been moved up on my list for books I want to read.

Day 5

How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe By Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

This book was not for me. I read the first chapter last night and I already forgot what happened. I really just was not feeling it at all. I really liked the cover for this one so that is a shame. I just know if I ended up picking this up it would be such a forced read for me. So bummed by that.

Day 6

Take Me Home Tonight By Morgan Matson

This was definitely a long chapter. So far this is the longest chapter I’ve read this week for this Try A Chapter. Since that is the case a lot has been set up so far. This chapter also was left on a bit of a cliff hanger. I did enjoy it. I’m pretty sure the best friend of the main character is someone from another book. I couldn’t pin point which book but the name sounded so familiar. I do have a couple of other books I want to read first but this is be picked up after those. I’m just always excited for a new Morgan Matson book.

Day 7

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey

I randomly found this on audible. I wasn’t sure what this was about so I decided to look it up. One of the first things I saw was that it’s a Ted Lasso inspired. So I was sold. I recently just watched the first two seasons and really enjoyed it. So while reading the first chapter of this I kept reading it in Ted Lasso’s voice. It made it really fun. I can see how the guy character is inspired by him. I’m definitively hoping to squeeze this in before the New Year.

I’ve missed doing Try A Chapter. It always makes me want to drop whatever I’m reading and pick up the books I like. I have to say my favorite book that I picked up was Window Shopping. That was the one book that wasn’t on my radar. Plus it’s a Christmas book. I think that would be fun to pick up. I do have some audible credits so I might get it. 

What are some books that ended up drawing you in right away?

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