Blogmas Day 13: Disappointing Movies I Watched in 2021

Hey guys! Today I am talking about my the disappointing movies I watched in 2021. If you know me you know I love watching movies. It’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time. Since that is the case I obviously watch some disappointing movies this year. Some of these I was really looking forward to watching while others were picked at random. So let’s dive in to see what those movies were.

Cryptozoo Dircted By Dash Shaw

This was one of those movies my boyfriend and I decided to randomly watch. There was a virtual film festival going on so we decided to pick something from that list. This one seemed the most interesting to my boyfriend. I for the life of me can’t tell you what the hell happened in this movie. I didn’t like the animation at all. I didn’t understand what was going on in the story. It was just weird and not for me at all.

The Social Dilemma Directed By Jeff Orlowski

I just feel like this was a documentary about how evil social media is. I honestly feel like it was information that is already known. I also felt like all the acted out scenes were very cringey. I didn’t feel like they needed to be added to the movie. I would have probably liked the movie more without it.

Silk Road Directed By Tiller Russell

I wish I could remember this movie more but I don’t. I don’t think the acting was that great in it. I do remember it having really bad transition shots which I felt took you out of the movie. This is based off a real thing that happened. It was just very badly done.

Big Hero Six Directed By Chris Williams and Don Hall

I remember always hearing about Big Hero Six but it was never a movie that interested me. I finally decided that I would just put it on one day because my parents have Disney plus. I barley remember this movie unfortunately. The only thing I really remember is how I fell asleep at the end. I’m sad to say I can’t say much else about it.

Mortal Kombat Directed By Simon McQuoid

So I was expecting this not to be that great. So I already knew coming in that I probably wasn’t going to love it. I just enjoy the Mortal Kombat games and wanted an excuse to go to the movies. It was just very cheesy and pretty unforgettable. They were setting this up to make a sequel so still might possibly watch it for the hell of it.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Directed By Morgan Neville

I remember watching Mr. Rogers when I was younger so I thought it would be fun to learn more about him. I however did not enjoy this at all. I just found it very boring. This was another movie that I just ended up falling asleep during. It just wouldn’t hold my interest at all.

Taken 2 Directed By Olivier Megaton

I watched the first Taken years ago. I remember overall enjoying it. So my boyfriend watched it and then wanted to watch the second one I was down. He kind of gave me a refresh of what happened in the first movie. He said they changed the wife’s character from the first one. He said she was very unlikeable in the first movie. Now in this movie she’s a bit nicer and gets kidnapped. I don’t remember what it was about this movie but I gave it one star. I think it just wasn’t as enjoyable.

Charlie’s Angels Directed By Elizabeth Banks

My boyfriend and I watched this because we thought it would be so bad it’s funny. However it was not funny at all. All the jokes were horrible. I found Kristen Stewarts character to be very annoying. She was supposed to be the funny one but she wasn’t. The acting also just wasn’t good in this movie either. It was just wasn’t good.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star Directed By Mike Rohl

Listen I went into watching this movie knowing it was going to be cheesy. I just found this one not to be enjoyable. It also decided to turn into an action movie. So it was kind of just all over the place. I was also hoping Vanessa Hudgens would be playing another new person. I keep making jokes that she’s just going to be playing everyone in the movie. Even though I didn’t like this one if they come out with another one I probably would watch. I’m a sucker for these movies. I do hope they keep doing these and changing the genre.

I’m really bummed by some of the movies on this list. I think mainly The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. I will be posting my favorite movies I watched this year next Monday. That list I am really excited for. I always love sharing the movies I enjoyed over the movies I didn’t. 

What movies did you watch in 2021 that disappointed you?


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