Blogmas Day 19: Ten Most Recent Additions to My TBR

Hey guys! I am excited to share with you the ten most recent additions to my TBR. I always try not to add too many books to my TBR. I have 422 books on there right now. I have been adding a decent amount of books recently. So I’m excited to show you and tell you why I added them. So let’s dive in!

The Infinity Courts By Akemi Dawn Bowman

I read this during my last Try A Chapter which you can find HERE. I really enjoyed the first chapter. It was a mix of fantasy and contemporary. I don’t read a lot of fantasy but I’d like to read more. It had a modern vide with a siri/alexa in the story which I was enjoying. Plus I’m really excited to read a book Akemi Dawn Bowman. I’ve never read anything by her and I know people really like her books.

Serendipity By Marissa Meyer (Goodreads Author) (Editor), Elise Bryant (Goodreads Author), Elizabeth Eulberg (Goodreads Author), Leah Johnson, Anna-Marie McLemore (Goodreads Author), Sandhya Menon (Goodreads Author), Julie Murphy (Goodreads Author), Caleb Roehrig (Goodreads Author), Sarah Winifred Searle (Goodreads Author), Abigail Hing We

I always love short stories collections which a bunch of different authors. A lot of these authors I’m not very familiar with so I get to see what their writing is like. Then if I really enjoy something I can look into picking up other books by them. Plus this is a contemporary short story collection. I am such a huge fan of contemporary books. Plus this book comes out in January so there isn’t that much of a wait. I can’t wait to read some stories from Caleb Roehrig, Anna-Marie McLemore and Abigail Hing We. Those are some of the authors who I’ve never read from before.

Window Shopping By Tessa Bailey

This is another book I read during the first Try A Chapter that I did for Blogmas, which you can find HERE. I thought this would be such a fun Christmas read. It’s said to be inspired by Ted Lasso. Sadly my library does not have any digital copies of this book. I think I’m going to just pick it up from audible. I’m currently reading Recommended For You By Laura Silverman. Once I finish that I will be picking this up.

Midnight in Everwood By M.A. Kuzniar

So this was a random add to my TBR. I thought the cover was beautiful. I also saw that it’s a Nutcracker retelling which just sounds so cool. This is coming out in January and I might try to pick it up right away. It just feels like the perfect wintery read.

The First to Die at the End By Adam Silvera

The moment I heard that we were getting a sequel to They Both Die at the End I had to add it to my TBR. I really enjoyed They Both Die at the End. I am really excited to learn about the first people who were told they’re going to die. I do hope we get more information on the company that makes Death-Cast too. There isn’t much of a summary on goodreads. I don’t want to know too much though. I am so sad we have to wait until October but I’m super excited for this.

The Graveyard Apartment By Mariko Koike and Deborah Boliver Boehm

So I found out about from Luna. The cover looked super intriguing. I then looked up the plot and I was sold. Someone said it was written like The Ring. When I was younger I thought The Ring was so cool. It was just the right amount of creepy. So I’m hyped to check this one out.

A Taste for Love By Jennifer Yen

This is a book I found out from Bex. I know she really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure she compared it to The Great British Bake Off. So it seems like it’s a cute contemporary with a fun baking aspect to it. Sign me up cause this sounds like a cute contemporary I need.

Into the Drowning Deep By Mira Grant

So I’ve heard about this book for a while. I wasn’t very interested at first. I feel the more I heard about it though the more I was like this could be interesting. I know this is a dark book about mermaids. I’ve always really liked mermaids a lot. I haven’t read too many books about mermaids. So I’m changing that by adding this to my TBR. I’ve only read one book from this author and I didn’t like it. I’m ready to try again. I’m really hoping I like this because it sounds very up my alley.

League of Liars By Astrid Scholte

This book was solely a cover add. I think the cover is so cool looking. I just didn’t want to forget this book. I always feel silly sometimes adding books solely on the cover but sometimes can’t help it. When the cover looks good you just got to try it out regardless.

The House Across the Lake By Riley Sager

Riley Sager is an auto-buy author for me. Whenever he comes out with a new book I add it to my list. So of course this is on my TBR. I still need to read his release from this year. It’s been on my TBR. I was planning to buddy read it but I have just been slacking hard. Sorry Bex if you’re reading this. I have been so distracted. Finally been getting some reading in the last couple of days. I do hope to pick this up in January if possible.

These are all my recent additions to my TBR. I am very excited to pick these up. Some of them are old releases and others are coming out in 2022. I think I’m most excited for The First to Die at the End. I had no idea a sequel was coming out for that book so that was a nice surprise. October can’t come soon enough!

Are any of these books on your TBR? Have you read any of these? What newest additions have you added to your TBR? I would love to hear from you!

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