Blogmas Day 22: WWW- Wednesday, December 21st 2021

WHey guys!! Man the last time I did a WWW: Wednesday was September 2020. I can’t believe that. It does make sense though since I haven’t really been blogging lately. I do like doing these a lot. It’s always fun giving little updates. Plus I always like seeing people post these. It’s fun seeing their updates. So let’s dive in!

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words and to participate all you have to do is answer the three W’s listed below. Once you’ve posted your WWW, drop a link to your post in Sam’s comments <3’s!

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The questions are:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading 

All of Us Villains By Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman

I’m really enjoying this book a lot. It had such a dark vibe to it. I’m so here for it. I just feel like there has been a lot going on and I haven’t fully grasped everything. I am 34% into it and can’t wait to read more. I haven’t been reading as much lately. The audiobook is due in 5 days so I need to hurry up.

Recommended for You By Laura Silverman

I am really enjoying this. I wanted a holiday read. What better than to read a book that is about a girl who works in a bookstore. Not only that but she is in a holiday bonus competition. There are somethings I don’t like about this book but still liking it. I am excited to see who is going to win the competition. I have almost 3 hours left of this book so I’m getting close.

Recently Finished 

Friends Like These By Kimberly McCreight

This is a book I had such high hopes for. I’m a big such a big Kimberly McCreight fan. So whenever she comes out with a new book I’m picking it up. I just felt like this book was trying to do way too much. It was way too confusing. Also there were just too many people in the story. I was pretty confused by everyone at first. However it did pick up in the middle of the book. I felt like it was easy to get through. This just isn’t a favorite of mine from her. You can find my review of it HERE.

Reading Next

Dexter is Dead By Jeff Lindsay

I have been on such a Dexter kick lately. I have been loving the series recently. I wasn’t a big fan of the last book but still been enjoying the series. I also have been watching the new season of Dexter. It can be a bit cringey at times but enjoying it. It actually look forward to watching the next episode each week. It’s been a juicy season. Anyway I am very excited to see how Jeff Lindsay is going to end the series. Sad to see it end but so excited to finish.

What are some books you read, finished, and plan on reading soon? Any of the books above? I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below!


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