Little Things 2

Hi my name is Regina! For the longest time I have been thinking of starting up a blog where I can write and talk about all things books. Well I finally decided to make that happened. I have always been a book reader since I was a little kid but lately I’ve been falling even more in love with books. I always find myself wanting to read or go out and buy more books. I already have so many untouched books I thought why not force myself to read them and write reviews about them. Bare with me as I am just starting so my site isn’t the greatest and I’m a little confused how to work everything but I’ll get there.

Anyway I love reading mystery/thrillers, young adult books, books made into movies, dystopian, humor and really anything that sounds interesting to me. I’m trying to use this site to go outside my comfort zone and read books I normally wouldn’t read while making new friends along the way.

Feel free to comment on my posts and and any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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