December Book Wrap-up

Hey guys! I am so sorry I am getting this to you so late. I really haven’t been on top of blogging in the last month. I just feel time is flying by and I am slowly catching up with it. I felt like I read a decent amount in December but a good amount of the books I felt iffy about which is a shame. So let’s dive in! Continue reading “December Book Wrap-up”


Blogmas Day 24: New To Me Authors

Hey guys! I’m currently at 98 read. My goal for the year is 100. I have read a lot of books from authors new and old to me. I thought I would share with you some of the new to me authors that stood out to me. Some of these authors are debut authors and others aren’t. These were just books I really ended up enjoying and can’t wait to read more from these authors. So let’s dive in! Continue reading “Blogmas Day 24: New To Me Authors”

Blogmas Day 15: November Haul

Hey guys! So I honestly didn’t buy that many books in November. I have been trying to cut down on buying books. I feel it’s been working out well. I have been buying a small amount of books. I really need to read the books I own. I am going to try to buy less and read more. I hope I can do that in 2019. Now let’s dive in to see the books I bought in November. Continue reading “Blogmas Day 15: November Haul”

Blogmas Day 11: WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On a World of Words and to participate all you have to do is answer the three W’s listed below. Once you’ve posted your WWW, drop a link to your post in Sam’s comments <3’s!

The questions are:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?

Continue reading “Blogmas Day 11: WWW Wednesday”

Blogmas Day 1: My December TBR

Hey guys! I am sorry I have been slacking so hard lately on blogging. I have to be honest the motivation to blog hasn’t really been there. I decided to try to get myself back to it I would attempt to do Blogmas. I honestly ended up deciding I wanted to do it on November 30th. Yesterday I didn’t have time to post so I decided I would do it up to December 26th instead of December 25th so it’s still 25 days.

I have decided I will use this time to catch up on posts I haven’t gotten to in the last month as well as posting some Christmas content as well. I feel this is such a fun way to get myself posting again and to get myself into the holiday spirit. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! For my first post I decided I will be sharing with you guys my December TBR. So let’s dive in! Continue reading “Blogmas Day 1: My December TBR”

Down The TBR Hole #50

Hey guys! It’s time for another Down the TBR Hole which was created by Lia @Lost In A Story! It’s officially my 50th post of this series! I can’t believe I’m come this far. This is something I’ve really enjoyed doing. I decided in honor of 50 I will be posting 20 books instead of the usual 10. I might start to do this now for every 10 posts I do. I do enjoy doing this but I love seeing my TBR decrease as fast as possible. So let’s dive in. Continue reading “Down The TBR Hole #50”