April Wrap-up

Hey guys! I hope you all ended up having a great April. I read a good amount this month. I was trying to squeeze another book in the end of April but didn’t get to do much reading. I decided for May I’m going to try to stay away from thrillers so I’m excited to see how that goes. Now let’s see what I read in April. Continue reading “April Wrap-up”


January Wrap-up


Hey guys!! I hope you are all doing well. I’ve had a lot of down time the last month and I ended up doing a lot of reading. I ended up reading 13 books. It sounds like a lot but some of them were comics and I read a couple of The Series of Unfortunate Events books and those are pretty sure short books. Overall I enjoyed majority of the books I read and will be posting some reviews of those books.

Continue reading “January Wrap-up”