July Wrap-up

Hey guys! In the last couple of months I feel that I ended up hitting a bit of a slump. I am thankful that during June I ended up coming out of that slump. I felt like I ended up reading quite a lot of books in July. In the last couple of months I found myself wanting to only listen to audiobooks. I couldn’t really focus on actually reading. I finally have gotten back into my groove. Let’s dive in and see what I ended up reading in July! Continue reading “July Wrap-up”


Update on The 25 Reads Of December

25 Days of December 2019

Hey guys! So I am late with this post. I don’t know if you guys saw but in December I posted about Riveted and how they do the 25 Reads Of December. You can find the post HERE. They had a different book free each day in December leading up to Christmas. I discovered this 3 years ago. I love this idea because even if you can’t read the whole book in a day you can sample it and see if it’s worth picking up. I also love that a good amount of the books are releases from that year. So people who weren’t able to buy these books or get them from the library have a chance to access them. It’s just a really wonderful thing.

Last year I kept my list short because I knew it was going to be a busy month. It ended up being really busy and I only ended up picking up one of the books I wanted to read. So let’s dive in and see what I read, attempted to read and missed out on! Continue reading “Update on The 25 Reads Of December”

Blogmas Day 1: 25 Reads Of December

25 Days of December 2019

Hey guys! So I have decided once again that I will be partaking in Blogmas. I took part in it last year even though I started a couple of days late. This year I am aiming to start on time. I will be blogging up until Christmas. I don’t know if I will do anything longer than that but decided this would be fun to do.

So I was originally going to make today’s post a TBR. This is kinda a TBR in a way. I will have a different TBR up tomorrow. I just wanted to post this first because this is something I find really cool. So I don’t know how long this has been going on for, but Riveted is doing the 25 Reads of Christmas. So this means everyday leading up to Christmas a different book will be free to read for one day. I really love this idea so much. They always include so many amazing books that are in different genres. Also they have a good amount of books that have just recently come out this year. So I really would like to read some of the books.

So I’m going to post about which books I’d like to read. Then I will update you when it is over and tell you if I actually ended up reading those books or not. I might even try some of the others books if there are ones here you think I should read. So let’s dive in! Continue reading “Blogmas Day 1: 25 Reads Of December”