Blogmas Day 23: Movies I Didn’t Get To In 2018

Hey guys! I have been having so much fun doing Movie Mondays. I decided since I did Books I Didn’t Get To In 2018 that I would do a post about movies as well. I started off the year strong because I had Moviepass but once that ended in March I didn’t go as much. The movie theater by me re-opened last Wednesday and I can’t wait to start going again. So let’s dive in!


Bad Times at El RoyaleBad Times at the El Royale

Black PantherBlack Panther

Avengers Infinity WarAvengers: Infinity War

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of GrindewaldFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Ralph Breaks the InternetRalph Breaks the Internet

Sorry To Bother YouSorry To Bother You

I’m sure there are some movies I forgot. These movies are just ones I know I really wanted to check out and didn’t get to. What are some movies you really wanted to watch but didn’t get to in 2018?


7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 23: Movies I Didn’t Get To In 2018

  1. I am so behind on movies these days too, LoL.

    I really want to see Widows too, it looks so good. I also want to see Mary Poppins Returns, A Star is Born, and Boy Erased at some point in 2019.

    I did just watch Manchester By The Sea. So incredibly sad, but a really good film.


  2. I’m not too sure on the movies I want to watch this year, but I do want to rewatch the Narnia movies! I’d say Crimes of Grindelwald was a let-down, but I have to say the things I liked the most about it were the costumes and music!

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    1. Oh I didn’t know there were multiple Narnia movies. I saw the first one so long ago. I don’t really remember it. I heard a lot of negative reviews about Crimes of Grindelwald. It didn’t seem like many people liked it. Such a shame.

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